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Top left - five men on wearing civilian suit and hat writing in notebook and others in a variety of dress. Captioned '257 Squadron sports day Upwood 1963'.
Top right - certificate of handover of RAF Warboys to Ned Sparkes who was commander of care…

Top left - three quarter length image of an Air Marshall shaking hands with an airmen wearing tunic with half brevet and medal ribbons. Another warrant officer stands to the right.
Top right - document concerning W.O Sparkes i/c servicing control…

Squadron photograph of a large group of airmen wearing tunics and peaked caps and two women in civilian dress sitting and standing in three rows with a Bloodhound surface to air missile in the background.

Top centre - three airmen wearing khaki uniform with shorts sitting outside a corrugated iron hut with a 224 squadron sign.
Middle left - half length image of a man wearing civilian shirt with ape on his shoulder. Captioned 'Me with one of the local…


Left - Letter from HM King George about presenting his colour to the RAF.
Right - photograph showing RAF guard of honour parading with sloped rifles. Captioned 'Drilling the Guard of Honour A.O.C.'s inspection St Athan 1953'.

Extract from "But Not in Anger". Story of a Hastings of 53 Squadron on route from El Adam to Castel Benito Tripoli which shed a propeller blade which struck the fuselage injuring the co-pilot and cutting the tail control rods. Relates story of crew…

Top - explanatory note that this was more commonly known as the Berlin Air Lift. Gives some details of operation.
Below - extract from Ned Sparkes log book from 16 July 1949 to 27 July 1949 listing 21 sorties on Hastings from Dishforth to Lyneham to…

Caricature drawing of a flight lieutenant wearing battledress standing side on with hand in pocket and smoking a cigarette. Aircraft and a hangar in the background. Captioned 'Ned'.

Top - explanatory note explaining that the RAF took over the task of delivering aircraft from the A.T.A. Mentions photograph was at the front door of his house at Silloth.
Below - Extract from Ned Sparkes log book from 1October 1946 to 18 October…

Top - note that at the end of war, Ned Sparkes crewed up with other instructors at 85 OTU to convert to Lancaster and train for Tiger Force.
Left - wedding photograph a full length image of an airman wearing tunic with half brevet and holding peaked…

Top left - extract from Ned Sparkes's log book between 3 August 1944 and 25 August 1944 with operations to Foret de Nieppe, St Leu-d'Esserent and Brest.
Right - document titled "The Reckoning". Giving details of bomber commands sorties, aircraft and…

Four verse poem about life as aircrew and setting his aircraft on fire.

Top left - eleven airmen wearing tunics forming an human pyramid.
Top right - seven airmen some with visible brevet gathered round an individual with pips on uniform shoulder epaulette.
Bottom - six airmen wearing tunics standing in a pool up to…


Left - extract from "Raider" by Allen Jones [sic]. Extract from book gives account of Ned Sparkes aircraft during operation including description of attack by Junker 188 which hit a fuel tank which exploded and subsequent spin, regain control and…

Top - Title note Hamburg 1944 relates 431 squadron lost 48 aircraft between July 1943 and October 1944. Mentions that 5 aircraft were lost out of 17 dispatched to Hamburg om 29 July 1944.
Below - document listing all aircraft lost on squadron with…

Top left - extract from ned Sparkes's log book from 1 July 1944 to 28 July 1944 with operations to Bienhais, Bremont, Vaires, Dognes St Nazaire and Hamburg.
Right - three short documents one partially obscured two relating to flying bomb sites, and…

Top - explanatory note explaining that our crews contributed to D-Day.
Top left - newspaper cutting providing account of plan for attack on Merville battery including saturation bombing by Lancasters and ground attack. Goes on with account of actual…

Top - extract from Ned Sparkes's log book from 22 April 1944 to 11 May 1944 with operations to Düsseldorf, Karlsruhe, Essen, Somain. St Ghislane and St-Valery and Boulogne.
Underneath - six short documents with accounts of these six operations…

Left - copy of book page 82 (Headed: the Nurenburg raid) with details of American operations, 617 Squadron operation to Lyons as well as attack on Brunswick and railway junction at Vaires. Noted one Halifax missing from a Canadian Squadron on latter…

Article about the Bomber Command Association plan to mark the contribution Bomber Command made to the final victory in the war. Planned to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the end of the war. Both sides of cutting.

Top - a note explaining the railway plan in preparation for Operation Overlord, attacks on French railway system.
Top left - extract from Ned Sparkes's logbook from 1 March 1944 to 29 March 1944 with operations to Trappes, Le Mans (twice), Brest,…

Top - extract from Ned Sparkes log book for 5 January 1944 to 15 February 1944 showing two operations to Berlin.
Below - two documents giving accounts of these two operations with types of aircraft used, losses, enemy fighter operations, weather,…

Top - extract from Ned Sparkes's log book dates from 2 November 1943 to 29 December1943 showing operations to Düsseldorf, Leipzig, Frankfurt and Berlin.
Below left - descriptions of the four operations giving numbers and types of aircraft used,…

Top left - looking up at an airman wearing flying helmet sitting in cockpit of a bomber. Captioned 'Me at the flight engineer's panel of a Halifax Mk V, November 1943, looking as though I know what I'm doing'.
Top right - seven aircrew wearing Mae…

Top - squadron photograph of a large number of airmen sitting and standing in three rows in front of, and on top of the wings, engines and cockpit of a Halifax, Captioned 'No 431 Squadron RCAF March 1944, C.O. Wing Commander W Newsum DFC "Big Bill",…
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