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On a clear day, a four engined United States Army Air Force aircraft attacks the submarine U-156. Bullets are raining down on the figures on the deck of the submarine. Some of the figures are diving into the water, others are running for cover and…


A lifeboat from the Laconia floats on rough seas with eleven figures on board, among them two Polish soldiers. The soldier on the left is standing over the others in the boat. He has a pistol in his right hand and is pointing it at the occupants of…

Six naked figures are on two makeshift rafts floating in rough seas, surrounded by sharks. Two figures holding sticks are trying to scare the sharks away. Three of the figures are pointing to their left and shouting. Men are also in the water…

At night, the submarine U-156 launches a torpedo at the SS Laconia. A massive explosion causes large flames and black smoke to engulf the centre of the liner. Small flags are flying from the masts of the ship. A postcard with the caption “The New…


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