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Half length portrait of a Royal Air Force officer wearing tunic with medal ribbons standing smoking a pipe. Two rings of rank braid partially visible on his left sleeve. In the background a building with windows. On the reverse 'Col Ivor Jones'.

A group of airman sitting and standing in a mess anteroom. There is the arm of one in the foreground and another leaning over to talk to a man sitting in an armchair. In the background a painting of a bomber on the wall with a clock underneath in the…

A group of four officers, three wearing battledress and the other a tunic stand talking. A further officer wearing greatcoat and carrying peaked hat approaches from the left. The officer on left (identified as Gunnar Halle) and the one on the far…

Half length portrait of a squadron leader wearing battledress with pilot's brevet and medal ribbon. In the background a multistory building with three windows.

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Seven officers standing in front of a building with windows. Two are wearing battledress and the rest tunics. The two on the left are wearing Norwegian uniform and identified as Gunnar Halle and Kåre Stenwig. One of the other officers has a pilots's…

Two pilots wearing battledress with pilot's brevet standing in front of a brick building with and open window to the left. Both have hands in pockets and the pilot on the right has medal ribbon.

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Two officers, Flying Officer and Flight Lieutenant wearing battle dress sitting in an open window.

Half length portrait of an airman wearing tunic with medal ribbon. In the background a building. On the reverse 'Bligh'.

Three airmen sitting in deck chairs in front of a brick built building. The two on the left are reading papers. The two on the right are wearing battle dress with half brevet.

Envelope addressed to Group Captain Cheshire, DSO, DFC at RAF Marston Moor. Postmarked London.
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