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Group of six people, three men and women, having drinks at seaside. Five of them are in swimwear, while one woman is clothed. Two houses and a rocky beach are visible in the background.

Group of six people, three men in swimwear and three women. One of the men is sitting on a wooden chair and the rest of the group are sitting on a wall. There is table on the left of the picture. On the reverse 'Mac [undecipherable] Lyn'.

A man and woman in a room with pictures on the wall and a kettle and plate on a shelf. Both are sitting, the man has his eyes closed and the woman is smiling and has a cigarette in her hand.

A series of buildings with advertising signs on them is visible on the right, next to a line of cars parked on the verge of the street. On the left, some people are cycling or walking. Caption on reverse ‘Oxford St. East London’, one…

Two women sitting on a doorstep each with their right hand resting on the side of their head. One in a dark dress and with bare feet and the other in a long kimono type dress (or dressing gown) with long sleeves. On the reverse 'The morning after…

Two women sitting on a doorstep each with their right hand resting on the side of their head. One in a dark dress with bare feet and the other in a long kimono type dress (or dressing gown) with long sleeves. The one on the left studying something in…

A women is lying in bed with the shadow image of a hand on the wall. On reverse 'Rea [?] in bed' and number 8.

Marjorie Bailey wearing a pale jacket and skirt and black shoes, leaning her right arm against a stone wall. On reverse 'Marjorie Bailey, 25 August 1940, Torquay'.

David Boldy dressed in desert uniform standing between two women. The one on the left is sitting on a stone wall. Caption on the reverse '9 8 41'.

David Boldy with a pipe between his teeth and wearing a towel around his waist standing at the entrance of sleeping quarters. On the reverse '6 43'.

Three men in uniform standing at the entrance of a wooden hut. The middle one is smoking a cigarette and the one on his right has one in his hand. Two are wearing shorts. Caption on the reverse '6 43'.

David Boldy is relaxing on his bed with a bottle in his hands. A metal trunk is under the bed and his kit bag is propped against the bed. There is a table on his right holding a mug, tins and a flask. Some of his kit is hung on hooks behind the…

A car is parked outside a church and two smartly dressed ladies stand in the foreground. Behind them is a two-storey building with the name [one indecipherable word] Rogers. In front of the building there cars and people standing around. Caption on…

Two girls in a garden, one dressed in dark trousers and a white shirt and the other in a long dress. Indecipherable letters on the reverse.

A woman with dark hair wearing shorts and a striped short-sleeved blouse, is sitting on a beach with her sandals and a bag at her feet. On the reverse '6734'.

Sleeping quarters shows about 12 beds, one upturned, with some of the occupants sitting or lying on their beds. One is standing at the closed door at the far end of the building. Trunks are on some of the beds and there is litter on the floor. On…


A serviceman stood on a station platform in front of a train. On the reverse 'Good old George at the station when the boys left'.

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A man and a woman are sitting on a sofa. The man has a piece of paper in his hand. On the reverse 'Des & Rea. Taken at night'.

A man in civilian dress sat in a room with two dressings gowns hung on a door behind him. Caption on reverse 'Des [indecipherable word] amuses him. Taken at night'.

Street scene with a man in shorts jogging or running away from a large shop marked 'Chemists', 'John Forbes' and 'Druggists'. There is a signpost on a stand outside the shop and another shop on the right of the picture named 'Morgan'. A cyclist is…

Three women sitting on a bench in the foreground with a stone building behind. There are other women in swimwear and a man in shorts, on the right of the picture, against stone steps. Caption on reverse 'Mac[?] 2, J. Harvey 1, [one indecipherable…

Three young boys and a girl in swimwear playing in a pool surrounded by rocks. On the reverse '[one indecipherable word] “2” and Lyn [?] 2'.

A car driving up through bush land with elevated trees and bushes in the background and house roofs visible over the top. An item, possibly a flag, can be seen in the passenger window. Caption on reverse '7 3 41'.

A street scene with commercial terraced buildings on each side. The building on the left shows the words ‘STOUT’ and ‘COWLINGS’ on the first two sections but further wording is illegible. There are a number of cars, a truck and a bicycle on…

Two men standing barefoot, wearing swimwear outside a beach hut. An indecipherable number on the reverse.
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