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Side view of a Mitsubishi Ki 67 type A with 2 C-47s in the background.

Side view of a Japanese C-47 variant. Captioned 'Replica of USA 'Dakota' made by Japs, inc Jap language marked instruments etc.'.


A Sakae 12 radial engine sitting in a scrap heap. Captioned 'New Zero engine'.

A Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka is resting on A-frames, with its canopy open. A building and some trees are visible in the background.

1. A B-24 Liberator 'J' landed gear up in a field.
2. Front right front quarter view of a crashed B-24 lying in open ground. Aircraft is titled slightly down to right and show broken fuselage just behind nose turret. On the reverse 'Liberator in theā€¦

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