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Two copies of a telegram stating that Ron is missing.

Notes covering electrics, theory of flight, engineering science, supercharging, power, fuel consumption and engine use in various stages of flight.

Covers propellers, hydromatics, various valves and handling in flight, air compressors, air charging, air hydraulic strut, faults, dowty struts, pneumatics, exactor, maintenance of hydraulic systems. Covers other aircraft systems and has many hand…

Notes on valve timing, pages of calculations, notes on aircraft fuel, diagrams and various other aircraft systems.

Covers maintenance and inspections, general orders and modifications, engineering manuals, types of inspection, form 700, change of serviceability and repair log, certificate of damage, types of wheels, form 79 log books, ticketing of aircraft,…

RAF notebook. Contains notes on axis of aircraft, stability, heat, temperature, petrol, carburettors, fuels, thermal efficiency, electrics, physical laws, atmospheric pressures, ohms law, ignition, electromagnetic induction, power/weight ratio,…

Contains notes and diagrams on fuel tanks, control settings, aircraft engine systems, ignition, cooling systems, layout of Merlin and other flight data.

AF Notebook. Contains graph, lists of engine types, aircraft details, diagram of aircraft, notes and diagrams of fuel system, handling notes and procedures. Notes on equipment including dinghies and drills, pyrotechnics, emergency packs, automatic…

Top - photograph of an airman in the cockpit of a Lancaster. On the fuselage below nose art of duck with peaked cap walking down road with sign to Berlin. Row of bomb symbols underneath.
Below - explanation that Admiral Shyte-Awk was the aircraft…

The letter from the Chief Draughtsman at Lancashire Dynamo and Crypto Ltd expresses delight that Ron has returned to the UK, safely.

The telegram advises that his son, Ron, has arrived back in the UK.
There is a second identical copy.

A certificate issued to Ron for his good service and an accompanying letter.

The menu for Christmas dinner followed by a list of events on Christmas , Boxing Day and New Year's Eve.

A book detailing the activities undertaken at the training airfield of Cochran. It describes the history of the field, the training courses and names the staff and students.

Notes were written and drawn by Arthur during his Armament Mechanics course at RAF Hereford.

This is a diary covering No 2 Squadron, Aircraft Mobile Servicing part of the 2nd Tactical Air Force, recording their journey from the time they landed in France until they arrived in Holland in early 1945.

A message read out to the troops on the eve of D-Day.

Officer pilots' tie club, reason for formation and membership rules, subscription, address and levie.

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Commemorates the gratitude of the government and people of Canada for the life a brave man given in service of his country. Sergeant Wireless Operator Air Gunner Oscar Knud Perche Jensen.

An explanation of the silver cup. It was awarded to the pilot who had shot down a Stirling.

Political news-sheet from the Conservative party covering issues: the national effort a warning to grumblers, information for farmers, parliamentary commentary, local conservative party meetings, life in Germany concentrating on food shortages and…

Letter to Sergeant Brennan stating that he was now entitled to wear Pathfinder badge.

Four photographs of Johnny - as a baby, a nine year old, a teenager and on his wedding day. The article gives brief details about his life.

Relates story of Lancaster on operation to Berlin being hit by night fighter fire which wounded crew and damaged aircraft. Returning home with wounded crew and belly landed.
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