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PHughesCL1620 .jpg
Line of many Strearman single engine biplane training aircraft. In front of the fourth aircraft from right is a car and a man standing on fusealage.

PHughesCL1621 .jpg
Line of Stearman single engine biplane training aircraft parked in a line on a pan in front of a control tower.

PHughesCL1617 .jpg
Squadron personnel of 427 Squadron in front of a Wellington. Clarence Lindsay Hughes front row 4th from the right in the seated group. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

Weather map of the United States showing surface pressures isobars.

Piece of metal in a box

Top left a horse drawn sleight in the middle distance. Top right - three airman all wearing tunic the one on the left also wears side cap standing in front of a door to a brick building. Door has a sign 'Dragon' above it. Centre middle - two men…

Top left - view over water with trees on far side. Top right - water with ice flows. Centre middle - an airman wearing greatcoat and side cap sitting on rock on shore at edge of sea. Bottom left - view of snow covered shoreline. Bottom right - view…

Sergeant A P Brander’s RAF Observer’s and Air Gunner’s Flying Log Book, from 17th August 1942 to 27th January 1944, detailing his training and operations as an Air Gunner. He did not record the names of some of the bases he flew from, but it is…

Top left - view of Oddicombe beach, Torquay with hills inland.
Top right - view from Oddicombe beach looking towards Babbacombe beach and cliffs.
Centre middle - view down onto rocky promontory in sea at Babbacombe beach, Torquay.
Bottom left -…

A heap of scrap which includes a Mitsubishi A6M Zero

Top left - view of forest. Top right - view of lake in a forest. Centre middle - waterfall in woods. Bottom left - view down onto a stream. Bottom right - a rocky stream.

Top left - view of lake in distance with trees on the left. Top right - view across water. Bottom left - man on a horse drawn plough in field. Bottom right - view across water.

Top left - group of airmen waiting on platform of train station. Top right - Side view of a train with people alongside. Centre middle - View down residential street with snow covered ground. Bottom left - ornamental reindeer and slay outside a house…

Top left - view from a train of steam locomotive coming the other way. Top right - view across water of train yard with loading building. Centre middle - a side view of a steam locomotive. Bottom left - view from train. Bottom right - view across…

Top left - horse drawn sleigh coming towards camera on snow track with trees on the left. Top right - man leading a horse with box sleigh along track with trees in the background. Centre middle - a bank with waterfall leading to lake in snow covered…

Top left - a line of canons in a row on snow covered ground with a town in the background. Top right - a large two story mansion in snow covered ground with a flagpole in front. Trees on the left and centre foreground. Centre middle - A church with…

Top left - snow bank in forest. Top right - a stream through woods. Centre middle - forest with bare trees, snow covered ground. Bottom left - stream through snow covered forest. Bottom right - view across open snow covered ground to a forest. On the…

Top left - an airman wearing greatcoat and side cap crouching in the snow on a road. Top right - a man standing in the snow in front of a church. Centre middle - snow scene with trees on left and house on the right. Bottom left a river/canal runs…

Top left - an open air swimming pool. Top right - a group of men some sitting against wall and other standing by a building. Left middle - view over airfield of a hangar. Right middle - a Stearman biplane on apron with two story buildings in the…

Top left - a bridge in the middle of a woods. Top right - view of part of a large stone church with square tower. Bottom - an airman wearing tunic with half brevet and side cap sitting on a stone wall.

Blue woollen knitted scarf.

Tunic with flight lieutenant rank along with closeups of observer brevet and medal ribbon (DFC, 1939-1945 Star, Aircrew Europe Star and Defence Medal) as well as label.

Blue officer's side cap

Second class made out for Pilot Officer C L Hughes.
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