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First document covers punishment awarded summarily, C.O's powers of punishment, subordinate commander's powers of punishment, detachment commander's powers of punishment, procedures when badges of rank covered, reduction of punishments, reversions,…

Covers public/non public funds, station commanders responsibilities for both, personnel occurrence reports, pay parades, accounting under active service conditions, officers' pay and allowances, airmen's' pay, cash service instructions and questions.

Covers the work of the air ministry, constitution of the air council, responsibilities of members of the council, the ministerial members, the air members, the permanent under-secretary of state (PUS), general observation on the on the department of…

Twenty messing and catering questions as well as fifteen casualty procedure questions.

Covers need for high standards of catering. catering supervisory organisation, station organisation, officers having messing responsibilities, duties of catering officer, universal messing, rations, ration drawing procedure, the document page 4 is…

Covers formation and control, membership, subscriptions and contributions, payment of mess bills, discipline, entertainment, mess equipment/insurance, mess meetings, mess management, responsibility of C.O., responsibility of officer in charge, duties…

List of eighteen questions on welfare. Officers mess precis covers membership, furniture/property/insurance, procedures on change of station, procedure on taking over mess, procedure on change of command, WAAF messes, new station or unit - opening…

What welfare is, where information is obtainable, station welfare committees, semi-official organisations, list of publications on welfare. Appendixes covers the RAF Benevolent fund, Welfare addresses, allied personnel's hospitality and…

Covers officers' rates, joining certificates, methods of payment, advances, officers' outfits, officers' allowances, single officer, qualified married officer, unqualified married officer, married officer, allowances individually, when claimed,…

Covers aim, planned flying, method of planning, planned servicing, example. establishment, the pool, measurement of efficiency, the most economical gang, centralised servicing, training - servicing wing organisation, strategic 'S' wing organisation…

Covers introduction, mobile squadrons, responsibility, control, personnel, efficiency and the days work.

Covers introduction, dual aspect, stations of two main types, station structure, specialised services, non-operational stations, control of stations in operational commands, bomber, fighter command, 2nd T.A.F., coastal, amendments and questions.

Covers introduction, responsibilities of a commander, structure of a headquarters staff, the policy staff, control of a branch, coordination of staff work, organisation of the air branch, the plans section, the operations section, the intelligence…

Covers progress of work, student lectures, postal address, dress, reporting sick, leave, flying, library, church services, mess rules, mess facilities, registered mail, sports and entertainment.

Policy for good conduct badges including airmen with clean sheet, service entries, V.G time, procedure for awards and miscellaneous points.

Gives details of release scheme of RAF personnel. Covers fairness, classes of release, categories not to be classified, postponement of release, clothing, post war credits and war gratuities.

PHughesCL1623 .jpg
Forty-two servicemen sitting and standing in three rows in front of the doors of Royal Air Force college Cranwell. Clarence Lindsay Hughes back row 3rd from left. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

PHughesCL1622 .jpg
Head a shoulder portrait of an officer wearing tunic with observers brevet, medal ribbons, and a peaked cap. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

PHughesCL1621 .jpg
Line of Stearman single engine biplane training aircraft parked in a line on a pan in front of a control tower.

PHughesCL1620 .jpg
Line of many Strearman single engine biplane training aircraft. In front of the fourth aircraft from right is a car and a man standing on fusealage.

PHughesCL1619 .jpg
Head and shoulders portrait of an airman wearing greatcoat and side cap with shoreline in the background. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

PHughesCL1618 .jpg
Full length portrait of Flying Officer Clarence Lindsay Hughes wearing tunic with observer's brevet and peaked cap standing in garden with hedge in the background. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

PHughesCL1617 .jpg
Squadron personnel of 427 Squadron in front of a Wellington. Clarence Lindsay Hughes front row 4th from the right in the seated group. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

Front of a Halifax with lion with bomb nose art with name London's Revenge parked in front of a hangar. In front a table decorated with a union flag with an officer speaking into a microphone alongside a civilian wearing white overcoat. Surrounding…

For Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, Clarence Lindsay Hughes as pilot officer from 31 March 1943.
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