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Unidentified aerial oblique photograph of a damaged urban area and large marshalling yard. Captioned 'J/83'.

Target photograph of an unidentified target, coastline and built-up area. Captioned '3026 D/490.542 SQDN 4 May 43 F/20→'.

Pencil sketch of interior of church captioned 'French Village Church' signed 'HOH'.

Three women sitting on a bench in the foreground with a stone building behind. There are other women in swimwear and a man in shorts, on the right of the picture, against stone steps. Caption on reverse 'Mac[?] 2, J. Harvey 1, [one indecipherable…

A street scene with commercial terraced buildings on each side. The building on the left shows the words ‘STOUT’ and ‘COWLINGS’ on the first two sections but further wording is illegible. There are a number of cars, a truck and a bicycle on…

Aerial incline view of railway lines and dock. Top left is a dock basin containing a large floating object with a small boat alongside the bottom side. Three railway lines go from left to right each with lines of goods wagons. Right centre is tower…

Oblique aerial photograph of material stored in four separate areas divided by vehicle tracks.

Target map of unknown target


Top left - a dockyard taken from a ship with several ships visible. In the background are houses and hills. Top right - group of military men leaning over the side of a ship. On the dockside are buildings and a large yard. In the distance on a low…

Top - coastline curving from top left to bottom centre. Some bomb explosions are visible bottom left on coast. Bottom - open ground with a built up area centre left. Bomb explosions bottom right quadrant.

Top - coastline curving from top left to centre left and then bottom centre. Bomb explosions visible in centre just inland of coast. Bottom - coastline juts out from bottom to centre with bomb explosion on coastline at centre.

Target photograph of a coastline running from bottom right to centre left then bottom left. There is a bomb explosion centre left.

Airman wearing white shorts, battledress blouse and peaked cap standing on steps to a tall building with glass entrance and row of windows on top floor.


Five Royal Air Force and two naval personnel standing in line. All are wearing tunic with side or peaked caps. In the background a large multi-storey building.


A group of men wearing a mixture of uniform and civilian dress sitting and standing on a bank at the bottom of a waterfall.

Seven men wearing a mix of civilian and military dress squat and stand in long grass on the right side. On the left is a waterfall, with other men and vehicles beyond it in the distance.

Cemetery laid out with wide paths around a circular bed with a Union flag at half mast.

A large crowd of men and women, some in uniform, in a ballroom. Taken from above.

View of a town below with grid of streets.

Air to ground view of a town with coast running left to right with sea beyond. Church middle right.

City with many buildings and grid road structure. Taller buildings towards the top and river running right to left across the top.

Open countryside in foreground. Coast running mid left to right. Small town towards right side with sea beyond.

Air to ground view of coastal low cliffs run bottom left to right with open countryside beyond.

Air to ground view from cockpit of runway threshold. Aircraft on taxiway to left and cars parked on perimeter track in foreground.

Air to ground view of city with tall buildings in the centre
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