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Four photographs and four copies from an album.
Top left is a group of prisoners of war, captioned 'A group of POWs we flew back from Germany'. On the reverse of 5 is '440'.
The other three photos are aerial photographs of bomb damage over Germany.…

Three photographs and copies plus One Mess Card from an album.
Photo 1 is an aerial photograph of Hamburg. On the reverse is '440'.
Photo 2 is an aerial photograph of a bombed city. On the reverse is '440'.
A mess card for RAF Chedburgh,…

Top left - an airman wearing flying suit standing on a path with buildings in the background. Top middle - an airman wearing flying suit standing with his foot on the landing wheel of a Stearman biplane. Top right - an airman wearing tunic and side…

A vertical aerial photograph of Hamburg.
The photo is captioned '(T) Ched 23.5.45//7" J 218'.
On the reverse 'Crown Copyright Reserved' and 'Hamburg'.

A training camp in Canada. In the foreground are three cars and in the background three large huts.

Oblique aerial photograph of a vast expanse of land. An industrial plant surrounded by storage tanks can be seen in the middle, branch line bottom right.

Top left - a river flows from bottom to right side with buildings either side. Half way up a destroyed bridge.
Top right - an RAF pilot wearing battledress with pilot's brevet and peaked cap sitting in a chair asleep.
Bottom left - an RAF officer…

Bottom left - oblique aerial photograph of a town with destroyed and damaged buildings. Captioned 'Unknown town'. Submitted with description 'Oblique "Cook's tour" aerial photo of unknown town showing bomb damage'.

Bottom - oblique aerial photograph of town with railway running left to right through middle. Captioned 'Unknown town'. Submitted with description 'Oblique "Cook's tour" aerial photo of unknown town.'.

Oblique aerial photograph of a town totally destroyed. Large structure lower left, probably church. Submitted with description 'Oblique aerial photo showing bomb damage to an unidentified urban area'.

Reconnaissance photograph of bomb damage with craters and destroyed buildings. A drained canal runs top to bottom alongside railway lines.

View of part of a town with residential buildings, from the air.

View of residential part of town with open countryside beyond.

Part of town with open countryside beyond.

The corner of a tall building with a palm tree in front.

An unidentified Burmese pagoda.

Location kindly provided by the members of the ‘In viaggio tra le culture del mondo’ Facebook group.

A view looking down at the dockside. There are several small jetties and a small floating crane.

Two photographs, the first showing a track in a forest with a gate, captioned 'Frontier gate between Holland and Germany'. The second shows a pontoon bridge across a river, very badly damaged buildings in the background, captioned 'Across the Maa's'.

Top left - distant line of Tiger Moths parked on snow covered airfield.
Top centre - Two airmen wearing khaki uniform and side caps standing on a path.
Top right - view across square of a large four story building with tower.
Middle left - and…

Three oblique aerial photographs from an album.
#1 is a view of a coast with a causeway.
#2 is a rocky coast with a lighthouse.
#3 is scattered settlements with small fields.

Three oblique aerial photographs from an album.
#1 is a peninsula or island.
#2 is a coastline.
#3 is a bridge crossing a river.
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