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Oblique aerial photograph of a vast expanse of land. An industrial plant surrounded by storage tanks can be seen in the middle, branch line bottom right.

Eight photographs from an album.
Photo 1 and 8 are the same, five airmen on a seaside promenade. They are in khaki uniforms.
Photo 2 and 3 are views from a Lancaster towards mountains.
Photo 4 is group of soldiers with a Lancaster behind.


Cemetery laid out with wide paths around a circular bed with a Union flag at half mast.

An unidentified Burmese pagoda.

Location kindly provided by the members of the ‘In viaggio tra le culture del mondo’ Facebook group.

Top left - distant line of Tiger Moths parked on snow covered airfield.
Top centre - Two airmen wearing khaki uniform and side caps standing on a path.
Top right - view across square of a large four story building with tower.
Middle left - and…

Top left - an airman wearing flying suit standing on a path with buildings in the background. Top middle - an airman wearing flying suit standing with his foot on the landing wheel of a Stearman biplane. Top right - an airman wearing tunic and side…

A training camp in Canada. In the foreground are three cars and in the background three large huts.

Two vertical aerial photographs of a river, annotated 'My first attempt at aerial photography'.

Five Royal Air Force and two naval personnel standing in line. All are wearing tunic with side or peaked caps. In the background a large multi-storey building.


Photo 1 is the pilot viewed from the bomb aimer's station, captioned 'Skipper settles down'.
Photo 2 is of black explosions above the clouds, captioned ' "Flak" over Gelsenkirchen.
Photo 3 is of an airfield with a dozens of bombers, captioned…

A street scene with commercial terraced buildings on each side. The building on the left shows the words ‘STOUT’ and ‘COWLINGS’ on the first two sections but further wording is illegible. There are a number of cars, a truck and a bicycle on…

Target map of unknown target

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View of part of a town with residential buildings, from the air.

View of residential part of town with open countryside beyond.

Part of town with open countryside beyond.

Bottom left - oblique aerial photograph of a town with destroyed and damaged buildings. Captioned 'Unknown town'. Submitted with description 'Oblique "Cook's tour" aerial photo of unknown town showing bomb damage'.

Bottom - oblique aerial photograph of town with railway running left to right through middle. Captioned 'Unknown town'. Submitted with description 'Oblique "Cook's tour" aerial photo of unknown town.'.

A small temple on a plinth with a set of steps leading up to it. The temple has a lower section then a large dome. On the reverse 'Unused Temple, village Tai Tongoo. Friday July 13th 1945.'

View of a town below with grid of streets.

City with many buildings and grid road structure. Taller buildings towards the top and river running right to left across the top.

Top left - oblique aerial photograph of open countryside with fields and a few woods, dotted with farms. Many dark 'blots' which could be anti-aircraft fire bursts. Captioned 'A03 FEL 21.12.42//M8:1000 J.p.48'. Top right - oblique aerial photograph -…
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