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An airman identified as Alan Edgar sitting in the cockpit of an aircraft. He is wearing a leather helmet and goggles. On the reverse is written 'Freddie Firth takes one of yours truly -wrapped up for nothing Feb 43'.
A second photograph is almost…

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George Ellams with his first car.

Including a Malaysian award and the Bomber Command Clasp.

In the centre of the photo a group of women are posing at the bottom of a rockface, to the front of the photo there is some shrubbery.

Two photographs from an album. Both photos include airmen on rowing boats on a river.

A cockpit of a four engined aircraft.

A city nestling at the foot of some tall hills.

The interior of an aircraft with a pressure cylinder and wiring.


A small church with a large dome.

A church with bell tower and carvings

A saloon car with a soft top, registration KV5486. Behind is a garage and a fence.

Photo 1 and 2 are street scenes taken from a raised elevation. There are no people or cars on the images.

Photo 1 is of a bridge over a river.
Photo 2 is of a different bridge.

Photo 1 is a view over a city taken from the top of a hill. In the background is a river.

Photo 2 is a two storey wooden house taken from the side of the road.

Ken Munro standing beside his car. He is holding on to the door handle, Behind are brick buildings. On the reverse are handwritten annotations [indecipherable].

Top left - target photograph showing open countryside with many bomb craters.
Top right - Arthur Pearce in uniform holding hand of young child on the left. Another child is partly visible to the left of the photography. In the background a tree…

Top left - In the distance Lancasters in light paint scheme lined up parked on airfield with crews in front. In the foreground spectators seated. In front stand two military personnel with hands clasped behind backs looking on.
Top right above - an…

Vertical air to ground view of an airfield parking pan running top left to bottom right. Airfield buildings are also shown. Parked on the pan are Lancaster, B-29, C-57, Northrop P61, B-17 and Lockheed Constellation as well as other aircraft.…

Air to ground view of city with tall buildings in the centre

Air to ground view from cockpit of runway threshold. Aircraft on taxiway to left and cars parked on perimeter track in foreground.

Air to ground view of coastal low cliffs run bottom left to right with open countryside beyond.

Open countryside in foreground. Coast running mid left to right. Small town towards right side with sea beyond.

City with many buildings and grid road structure. Taller buildings towards the top and river running right to left across the top.

Air-to-ground view of an airfield. Main runway from bottom left to mid right. Hangars and other buildings below and above runway. Subsidiary runway on left. River on right.


Air to ground view of a town with coast running left to right with sea beyond. Church middle right.
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