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A view looking along a river valley, on the left a track leads towards a rounded hill. On the reverse 'Ystwyth Valley, Cardigan. July 1939'.

A small group of men and women, some standing, some lying on the grass. Behind are deciduous trees. On the reverse 'W Calves'.

A head and shoulders portrait of a young girl.

A young girl wearing a dress and standing in a garden with bushes behind her. On the reverse 'W. Calves'

The woman is sitting on a deckchair with her arm round the girl. A man stands behind the two. The woman and girl are wearing dresses, the man is wearing a polo shirt. They are in a garden surrounded by flowers. In the background is a small…

A woman sitting on top step with a girl on the left and boy on the right. In front on a lower step another boy in shirt and long trousers. On the next lower step and boy in short trousers holding a dog on his lap. In the background a door to a house.

Seven airmen in uniform with Nissen hut in background captioned 'Winthorpe August 1944'.
Two airmen sun bathing with Nissen hut in background captioned 'Ken', 'Jim (Pilot)'.

Win Cushway dressed in a blouse and skirt is leaning against a wooden gate. Her jacket is draped across the fence. Behind is a meadow full of flowers, and deciduous trees.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the…

Wedding group of three men and three women. The groom is in Royal Air Force uniform, the bride and bridesmaid are holding floral bouquets. The two non-uniformed men and the woman at the far left are all wearing flowers in their lapel.

Wilhelmine K's account of the events at Hohenzollernstraße 58.

Wilhelm Galenbeck and Karl Bunge's account of the events at Obere Karlsstraße 18, Karlsplatz 2 (Youth Welfare Offices and print shop).

Wilhelm Carl's account of the events at Wildemannsgasse 32.

Heinz Wiegel's account of the events at Luisenstraße 9 and Große Rosenstraße 21.

Mr Karl L Wickenrode's account of the events at Frankfurter Straße, Weinbergbunker, Marstall and Kaufunger Straße.

Picture 1. A man standing on the left wearing morning dress and holding top hat. On the right seated a woman in wedding dress and bouquet. Picture 2. The same couple with positions reversed.

Full length portrait of Kenneth in uniform and Muriel in wedding dress. They posed on a stone plinth with a screen as a background.

Full length portrait of a wedding couple. Women on the left wearing wedding dress and carrying bouquet and a man on the right in suit. In the background a wooden door.

Warrant Officer Edwards, wearing tunic and side cap, standing in front of a building with windows. In the background bomb racks are leaning against a building. On the reverse 'W.O. Edwards, W, i/c 50 Sqd on [sic] Armoury, Skellingthorpe, 17-4-42,…

To Mrs Sarah Green acknowledging receipt for war damage claim 14 January 1941.

Page 1. Assistance Board making advanced payment to cover immediate needs only of £2 for clothing and £5 for furniture on 15 August 1941. Advice if further help required. Annotated at the bottom '1st advance £6 clothing 27 December 1940, 2nd…

War Damage Act 1943 (Part 1). Issued after European war was over and covers answers to questions on when people will be paid, increases in compensation and payment of interest.


States that the government has decided to pay all deferred private chattels as soon as possible in next financial year to include the amount claimed, interest and a supplementary payment where applicable. Goes on to provide details. Payment aimed at…

Wallet with good luck black cat card and photograph of a young girl inside. In front a driving licence and a sergeants mess subscription book from RAF East Kirkby.

Three photographs, two of members of Kenneth Pope's crew, in uniform, in a snow covered area in front of mess or barrack blocks. Third is of part of RAF Waddington, with snow covered, mess or barrack blocks in foreground, hangar and other large…

Kenneth Pope and two crew members with a motor vehicle in back ground. Captioned 'Bill Ken Mal'.
An air gunner standing in front of a small tree with a building behind. Captioned 'Mal R. Gun'. Both are captioned 'Waddington Just before a cross…
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