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Service and release book of Flight Lieutenant Reg Woolgar, last day of service 21 September 1947, released as class A.

Official letter concerning the financial settlement of the estate of Sergeant Leslie Mellor Tetley. Mentions that an over payment was deducted from the residual estate leaving a total value of four pounds nine shillings.

Official record of personal details of Ronald Henry Boone. Noted that he was discharged - killed in action on 12 June 1943 with a total length of service of two years and 163 days. On the reverse details of postings.

Extract from the airman’s service book of Basil George Ambrose. Details include date of birth, date of attestation (6 April 1942) and next of kin.

Contains personal details as well as record of postings, promotions, special qualifications and discharge.

Contains personal details, release authorization on 17 July 1947 remobilisation instructions, clearance certificate, certificate of service, travel warrant and various claim forms for flight for Sergeant Langford Green.

Front page contains general conditions of contract and has signature of George Bubb and is dated 7 May 1941. At the bottom a signature of officer or non-commissioned officer serving the notice. Inside pages contain certified copy of attestation and…

Grade card front page contains registration number SPF 20606 and George Bubb's name and address filled in. Date examined on was 29 June 1940. Grade one. At the bottom signatures of chairman of the board and G Bubb. Centre right is stamp of Birmingham…

At the top a postponement of calling up for service document with G Bubb service number name and address. Dated 21 MAy 1941. States that recipient should report when ordered, In the meantime will remain in the reserve without pay or allowances and…

States that G Bubb is the authorized owner of a bicycle with its frame number and details. Royal Air Force Spilsby guardroom stamp dated 17 October 1945.

On the reverse, On the left side, four numbered train times from Preston to Birmingham with…

Three of George Bubb's documents and a note:

1) RAF 295A leave document. Front page personal detail. Centre two pages have various leave periods between February and August 1945. Rear page allows absence from 17:30 to 23:59 on daily basis for…

Document is made out to LAC Bubb and is a bedding store clearance certificate stating what has to be returned before he leaves Royal Air Force Spilsby.

Royal Air Force Form 64. Shows leaves granted, medical classification and protective inoculations and vaccinations. Identity cards and permits issued. Short form will specimen. Record of woollen 'comforts' supplied.

Entries cover the period from 28 June 1941 to 6 January 1946. Character statement reads 'This airman has always shown the utmost proficiency in his work, is willing and conscientious'.

Notification that Flight Sergeant Edward Milling has been awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal, with citation.

Entries cover the period from 29 October 1942 (call up) to 4 May 1941 (discharge).

Service in the Royal Air Force (29 December 1941 to 29 October 1946).

Corporal Leslie Clodd enrolled on 16 November 45 at RAF Mepal and that he had undertaken a course 'Motor Engineering at Robinson's garage, Cambridge'. Contains a record of monthly progress reports.

Service in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (19 March 1941 to 27 September 1946), then released as class A. Statement of aptitudes and qualities 'Good all round tradesman, shows aptitude for the repair and maintenance of motor vehicles.'

Notice for Leslie Clodd to join for service on 19 March 1941 at No 9 Reception Centre Blackpool.

Service in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (16 November 1942 to 11 December 1946), then released as class A warrant officer. Statement of aptitudes and qualities 'A very sound and reliable Warrant Officer who has given all his energies to the…

Leslie Temple is constituted and appointed warrant officer from the 1 April 1946.

Service record of Ron Jones from 1 June 1939 to 25 April 1944.

Warrant Officer Colin Cole's release from service form. (22 December 1942 to 11 December 1946)

French pass for Corporal James Henry Banks authorising route Essey Nancy in military vehicle. Signed with b/w photograph of corporal Banks in uniform in bottom right hand corner.
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