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A brief newspaper report on the operation at Valence aerodrome.
The reverse has small ads.

Five men posing in front of a Wellington aircraft. At least four are in uniform and one, in the centre, is wearing a shirt. The man on the left is a Flying Officer and pilot, at the rear, right is an aircrew member and on the front right is a Flight…

Handwritten descriptions of two operations. One to lay mines in the River Danube, near Gyor in Hungary and the other to bomb Kalamaki Aerodrome near Athens in Greece.

Diary of 50 Squadron based at RAF Skellingthorpe including night bombing of Bochum, Germany; laying mines in the Baltic Sea off Gdynia, Poland with the loss of one aircraft; ditching in the North Sea off Denmark, having been attacked by the night…

Made out for Warrant Officer Eric Coling and signed by Charles A Robinson.

Descriptions of three operations.
1. describes an operation to Tatoi Aerodrome near Dekeleia, Greece.
2. describes an operation to the marshalling yards at Brescia, Italy.
3. describes an operation to the marshalling yards at Szekesfehervac in…

Handwritten summaries of three separate operations to the River Danube, east of Novi Sad; to Bologna Marshalling Yards and to Milan Lambrate Marshalling Yards.

Made out for Flight Sergeant D R Burns. Two versions of the same item. Submitted with caption 'Photo of Bob Burns's Caterpillar Club card- date unknown'.

Form giving details of crew: pilot - Bishop C A, (annotated orig burial Schrouchenbach village), navigator - Burns D (annotated in hospital), W Op - Daw D (annotated dead), flt eng Healy H R, bomb aimer - [.....] (annotated safe), rear gunner -…

Gives personal details and next of kin. Includes b/w photograph and fingerprint. Stalag IX C. Two versions of the same item. Submitted with caption 'Photo of Bob Burns's German PoW ID card for Stalag IXC'.

Card with descriptive details. Two b/w head and shoulders photographs of Bob Burns and a fingerprint. Two versions of the same item. Submitted with caption 'Photo of Bob Burns's German PoW record'.

A record of the loss of a Halifax. It lists the crew and their fate - five became prisoners of war and returned safely to the UK but Cyril John
Pope (1578663) and Theodore Ian Mardon Edwards (R/97583) were killed. Their burial details are recorded.

The pastor describes the burial of prisoners and guards who were shot by low flying RAF aircraft. The pastor officiated at the burial with an English padre.
In the second part he describes damage to the cemetery during a bombardment from the other…

A newspaper cutting with news of Charlie Warner's death.

Two telegrams with details of the escape from Stalag Luft III.

Announces George Nixon as presumed killed over Germany.

Five annotated photographs and a sketch of life in a prisoner of war camp.

A biography of Anthony David Lambert. He joined the RAFVR at age 19. He was shot down over the Baltic Sea and was able to swim ashore, where he was captured. He took part in the Long March. After the war he remained in the RAF.

A biography of his life. He joined the RAF as a wireless operator/air gunner. He volunteered for the Special Operations Exceutive. He was shot down in the Black Forest area and ended up at Sagan, Stalag Luft 3. He spent time building secret radios…

Details service life from 1943 to 1947.

An official, On His Majesty's Service, envelope addressed to Mr. G. L. Royall. 36, Maroma [sic] Road, London, S.E.18. It is post marked 'RUISLIP MIDDX 11AM 16 JNE 1948'.
A return address for the `Ministry of Aircraft Production has been scored…

Hand written details of nine operations to Germany, titled 'Re:- Campaign Medals'. Notes on some other operations are also given. There is a file reference in the upper left corner and a private address in the upper right.

Printed astro-navigation course notes for instructors and students. Information on movement, identification and appearance of stars, the sun and the moon. Includes a number of star charts.
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