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Photo 1 is a view from the top of the Arc towards Sacre-Coeur.
Photo 2 is the Arc taken from the Champs Elysees.
Photo 3 is from the top of the Arc looking along the Champs Elysees.
Photo 4 is a postcard with an aerial view of the Arc de…

Top right - view of row of buildings with driveway in front. Captioned 'Waldhaus Dolder, Zurich, Aug 46'.
Top right - view across lake of a town in the distance. Captioned 'Zurich from Zurichsee, Sept 46'.
Centre - view of buildings in city centre…

Eight photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a zebra.
Photo 3 is a lion in a cage.
Photo 4 is two birds.
Photo 5 is a caged animal.
Photo 6 is birds by a lake.
Photo 7 is an airman leaning on a fence, captioned 'A. Davey'.
Photo 8 is an airman…


Four photographs captioned 'The Luftschiffbau Zepplin works at Friedrichshafen'. They show the same area over a period of time beginning in February 1943 and shows the works being camouflaged and eventually destroyed by bombing. The second page of…

Top - reconnaissance photograph of a almost totally destroyed industrial facility. A few buildings towards the top of the photograph appear intact. Captioned 'Zeitz oil refinery. Submitted with description 'Aerial photo of Zeltz [sic] oil refinery…

Aerial vertical photograph of dock area. On the left a canal running vertically from top to bottom. At the bottom an inlet dock runs towards the centre. On the left side of the inlet six tanks and two small ships moored on jetties. Above the inlet…

Aerial inclined photograph of a town. At the bottom several large multistory buildings orientated upwards and slightly left a factory with dwellings to the left. In the top right rows of single story residences. At the top left a factory with chimney…

An aerial incline photograph of docks and town. At the bottom two dock basins are joined by a narrow passage with small lifting bridge. There are a number of barges moored in both basins. Top left is a factory with smoking chimneys and two gas…

Aerial vertical photograph of canal and dock basin. A canal runs from top right to centre left. At the left end is a basin runing from the canal towards the bottom right. To the right of the basin is an industrial area. Below the industrial area…

Target photograph showing grid pattern of gardens with light flare bottom left. Captioned 'A4' and '[..23], 104/16, 16/17 Oct 44, F8, NT 7000 ft,→ 354 degrees, 20-48, Zagreb M/[..], [..] 500, 8x250 Mk III 20, F/O Chadwick (F/O Myers B.A.)'.

Target photograph showing built up area to right side with tracer flare and bomb explosion on the right. Captioned 'A4' and '2017.104/16, 16/17 Oct 44, F8, NT 7600 ft,→ 048 degrees, 2014, Zagreb M/Y, V'. Annotated on page 'F - Freddie, 9x500,…

A fountain in a circle. There are benches for pedestrians and it is surrounded by buildings with curved facades.

A view looking along a river valley, on the left a track leads towards a rounded hill. On the reverse 'Ystwyth Valley, Cardigan. July 1939'.

Pamphlet with b/w image of a crew round a table in low light. Wings and roundel on back cover.

This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.


Two young women in swimwear standing against a car on the beach.

Two young women are in uniform sat with their legs in wooden stocks. Behind them there is a layered stone feature and a house, to the left there is a parked vehicle.

Full face portrait of young woman with pearl necklace and flowered hat.

A young woman with a white blouse and dark trousers sitting in a room with shelves of books and pictures on the wall. Two other women are partially visible on the left.

Full face portrait of a young woman wearing striped blouse with bow at neck.

A small group of men and women, some standing, some lying on the grass. Behind are deciduous trees. On the reverse 'W Calves'.

Full face portrait of a young man wearing civilian coat and tie. On the reverse an illegible handwritten note.

In accordance with the conditions stipulated by the donor, this item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre /…

Young girl wearing tunic which comes down to her feet. Tunic has warrant officer rank, half brevet, medal ribbons and pathfinder badge. She is wearing a flying helmet with goggles and is holding a rifle with butt on the ground. To the left is a…

Young girl dressed in tunic with warrant office rank, half brevet, medal ribbons and pathfinder badge. She is wearing flying helmet and goggles and standing on a Castrol oil drum. There is a wooden fence bottom left and in the background a brick…

Young girl wearing skirt and jacket sitting in front of a Spitfire on display at Trafalgar Square. In the background multi-storey buildings, one with Bovril and BOAC advertisement.


Young girl wearing skirt and jacket standing in front of a Meteor RA476. In the background another aircraft and tall buildings.


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