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A cartoon of the parachute packers delivering parachutes to air crews only to find they have already taken off. Annotated 'After much flapping and nattering we arrive at the flights to find that the air crews have just taken off'.

A cartoon of a corporal with his eyes closed and his arms outstretched like a bird. He is 'flying' amongst clouds.

A cartoon of a worker annotated 'Sonny (Britain's Lightening[sic] Worker) sews on "D" rings - or thinks about it'.

A cartoon of an officer on a plinth with a sergeant on one knee saying 'Yes sir, please sir, well you see sir, Its like this sir, you see sir, natter, natter'.

A cartoon of four meals, all toast and cocoa. On the right are faces which start happy but become sad then angry as the food does not vary.

A cartoon of a parachute packer at work annotated with orders and demands.

13 faces with mugs of beer. Each man has signed underneath. Further annotated '608 Squadron'.

A cartoon of three parachute section WAAFs distressed by demands from airmen. The demands are annotated.

A cartoon of a moustached officer with two dachshunds. He is saying 'How now me proud beauties'.

A cartoon circle of airmen and women with a central, distressed figure, annotated 'Panic!! in the Parachute Section. "Give me ROOM!!" I don't know where I am! Etc etc.'

Experiences of the prisoners of war in the Belaria camp of Stalag Luft 3 by Squadron Leader Bryce Cousens. It contains stories, poems and illustrations.

A certificate from G. Q. parachute company appointing Flight Sergeant P J Hogan RAAF to be a member of the G Q Club. At top colour artwork showing a man on parachute against blue sky with white clouds.


Pencil drawing caricature of an RAAF officer wearing peaked cap and holding a glass. On the reverse 'Believe it or not but it is supposed to be me in a pub in Edinburgh one night'.

On the right side a squadron photograph of a largen number of aircrew sitting and standing in front of a Lancaster. In centre front row a dog sits. Captioned 'Tiger Force, July 1945, RAF Spilsby, Lincolnshire O.S. TF450650'. On the left side a 44…

Cutaway diagram of aircraft engine with numbered parts and annotation.

Cartoon with two men standing in front of a stone inscribed with names. In the background bombed buildings. Above a four engine bomber. Submitted with description 'Photo of a cartoon of Hitler and Goering standing in front of bomb damaged stone with…

Card is from St Martin's Y.P.G. Lincoln and is signed by the chairman and the secretary.

Top - titled 'Milfield X Squadron'. Copy of a painting of side view of an airborne Martinet in brown and green camouflage flying to left with fields below. Captioned 'A Martinet flying over Milfield. Copied from a painting by Noel Wooding'.

From Napier Field, Alabama certifies Donald Cameron had successfully completed course of instrument flying. Cartoon goose artwork. Submitted with caption 'Blind Flight Certificate Napier Field Alabama 1943 Don Cameron 173516'.

Programme is for Pwllhi and Lleyn, 21 -28 March 1942, image of Winston Churchill on the reverse.

An album to contain a series of cigarette cards of national importance. Shows pictures of some of the things that the government and local authorities are working out for the protection of the general public. Includes: window protection, splinter…

Drawing of man wearing check shirt and trousers holding a cigarette.

Cartoon from John Allnutt's time in UK with images of people and aircraft.

Blue notebook cover with caricature of a child with fan.

Cartoon of a landed Tiger Moth with pilots standing to the side, surrounded by kittens with the caption; “Don’t ever land like that again Sutton!!” Submitted with caption; “Comical”.
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