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A man wearing jacket and check jumper sitting on a bench between two women. Houses and buildings in the background.

From Harold Bratley announcing he was safe and well.

Informs her that her husband was now safe.

Newspaper cutting with b/w photograph of wedding party for marriage of Harold Bratley to Miss Sally Borman.

A man wearing white flying suit and helmet climbing into the rear cockpit of an aircraft. A man with glasses already sitting in front cockpit.


Head and shoulders portrait of an RAF officer wearing tunic with wireless operator brevet, medal ribbons including DFC, pathfinder badge, and peaked cap.

Issued to Harold William Bratley by H M Consul General Barcelona to certify he was a British subject for journey to United Kingdom via Portugal.


Certifies that H W Bratley qualified for Path Finder force badge. Signed by Donald Bennett AOC Pathfinders.

School report from Louth Wesleyan Methodist Chapel School for April 1918. List all subjects and marks. Notes he was top of his class.

On second tour of operations had completed 45 sorties, 24 as Pathfinder. Describes his qualities and recounts his escape from interment after forced landing during his first tour and making his way back home.

Announces that his parents from Louth had received news that their son Flight Lieutenant Harold William Bratley had been awarded the DFC. Gives details of former employment. Mentions that on his first tour he and crew came down in occupied enemy…

List promotions to flight lieutenant and award of DFC. Award of Path Finder badge at 7 Squadron. Some pay details and postings.

An airman wearing flying suit, helmet, harness and life preserver sitting in the entrance to cockpit inside an aircraft. On the reverse 'Sgt Blaydon ("BB"), 2cd W/Op)'.

An airman wearing flying suit, parachute harness and flying helmet inside the fuselage of an aircraft. On the reverse 'Sgt Goldingay ("Goldy")(Observer).'

Relates experience of pilot trying to get control of their Wellington which had iced up. Writes of trying to get front gunner out of his turret and putting his torch inside his clothing as he would need it to signal for assistance. Once pilot got…

German language menu for reunion dinner Luftwaffe, 7 Squadron held July 25th 1984. Held at Flufhafenrestaurant Bonn-Hangelar.

Gives personal details and list of postings. Notes at one stage missing believed intered.

Six airmen wearing uniform (one with flying jacket) standing by the rear fuselage of a Wellington. On the reverse '1. P/O Moody (rear gunner), 2 ? (W/Op) 3. [.....] (observer), 4 Sgt [....], 5. Sgt Hudson, 6 "Stu"'.

Front page has map with aircraft flying from USA to England, England to Germany and Germany to Russia.


Describes in detail his first operation. Mentions plenty of anti-aircraft fire, making three runs over target and having his oxygen disconnected while winding in trailing aerial. Goes on to mention that he had been briefed for second operation and…

Relates early life and employment before the war. Was RAF reserve and was called up at beginning of the war. Mentions training including operational training unit before joining 9 Squadron. Includes letter describing in some detail his first…

A half portrait of Thomas McMahon wearing uniform and his air gunner's brevet. On reverse 'Thomas McMahon' and 'Do you know this Boy'.

Thomas McMahon wearing uniform, sitting on the right, with a man wearing army uniform and a third standing man in naval uniform. On the reverse is stamped 'The State 581 London Road Glasgow, .S.E. 1 May 1945' and annotated 'Thomas McMahon on the…
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