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A call from the German Field Marshall Friedrich Paulus to his comrades and to the German people via radio 'Freies Deutschland' while he is a prisoner of war in Russia. After a call for reflection in August 1944 he feels he has to speak again despite…

The leaflet has a prominent Union flag and in Russian 'I am English' and 'Please communicate my particulars to the British Military Mission in Moscow'. It also has instructions for use.


A document issued to Jim Tyrie authorising him to travel from Helmstedt to Berlin.

For N Powell with b/w photograph, head and shoulders portrait of an airman. English statement that holder is British airman and asking to be taken to commanding officer and notify nearest British or American military mission in Belgrade, Bucharest,…

Contains phrases, words and writing in Assyrian, Azerbaijan, Arabic, Persian, Kurdish, Turkish and Russian

A leaflet dropped into Russian speaking territory by the RAF/USAAF


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