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A woman stands beside a memorial gravestone to fallen RAF heroes. The same woman, in a second photograph, is standing beside a second memorial.

Left is photograph of a woman standing next to a memorial set against hillside with the inscription;…

A map of Switzerland with plots of bombers violating Swiss airspace. The estimate is 100 aircraft overflew between 00:04 and 01:08 on 12/13 July 1943.

1:20,000 map showing the area to the west of Spa, Belgium with the possible track of Derrick Allen's Lancaster to the crash site near Vieux Pre marked in red. It is annotated with an arrow to Dusseldorf at the top and with figures 1 to 5. Captioned…

A young girl standing in front of an aircraft engine. On the reverse 'Therese Del Sole devant le moteur d'avion env? 1945 a Notre Dame de Bliquetuit'.

Reports seven letters arrived, special thoughts for Thursday, have parcels arrived, happy birthday.

Deeply moved message twenty-ninth gift unobtainable. Still eagerly await letter eleven weeks, love. Letter has corrections in red ink and message in French from post.

Acknowlege receipt of 15 letters and five photographs and comments on intense journalistic effort in one.

MWrightJ[Ser -DoB]-150527-080002.jpg
Telegram No. 869 from the Swiss Government to the Swiss Legation in London (A. 3465), concerning the violation of Swiss airspace on 12/13 August 1943, between 11.30pm – 12.00pm by over 50 British aircraft en route to Milan. Regions affected were…


MWrightJ[Ser -DoB]-150527-080001.jpg
Telegram No. 809 from the Swiss Government to the Swiss Legation in London (E. 6563), concerning the violation of Swiss airspace on 15th August 1943 (with additional references to the 12/13 July 1943 incident) when Royal Air Force bombers en route to…


Telegram No. 787 from the Swiss Government to the Swiss Legation in London (A. 3080), concerning the violation of Swiss airspace on 13/14 July 1943, between 12.04am – 01.00am. Over 100 British aircraft flew over southern Switzerland, covering the…

Acknowledge receipt of cable. Remembering Friday anniversary, love Hudson

Acknowledges of cable and letter. Awaiting confirmation of Laghouat in a week.

Certificate no 33277 that records that Ted qualified for his A,B and C certificates.

Train ticket in French dated sometime in 1940. Destination, tarif and class are handwritten and indecipherable. Explanatory note from donor included.

A booklet about the loss of Stirling LJ827. A French language account of the history and crew of Stirling LJ827.

This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.

The ticket is a receipt for the hire of a pair of skates, issued by Skating 'Le Mosan'.

Notebook containing drawings, short essays and notes in English and French by herself, family and other friends as well as several pages of signatures. Include part of a Théophile Gautier's poem. On the first page 'Rosemary Chadwick 1946'.

Rex Searle in khaki and shorts leaning on a railing of a promenade. Behind is a warning sign in French and Arabic stating that it is dangerous to bathe here.

Three propaganda leaflets and one photo of a Wellington 'O', Z1337.

A German soldier in full uniform and seated. On the reverse text in French with a smaller image of the Nazi officer.


Postcard from Douglas Hudson from a man in Tunis after he had been freed from internment. He ask for news and sends New Year wishes for 1945.

Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor

Addressed to daughter from Roy Chadwick. Writes of her recent visit to seaside and a little about heat in Istanbul. Writes he will be glad to get home. On the front a photograph of waterway with many boats and buildings with Mosque on far bank. Title…

Churchill informs the House of Commons on 2nd June 1942 of two air campaigns of more than 1000 bombers; a new phase which will intensify with the imminent arrival of the American Air Force.

Cover and phrase book for French, Dutch, German and Spanish
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