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Flight Officer William Anderson began his service in the Royal Air Force at the age of eighteen when he signed up in Edinburgh. In this interview he speaks about his training, reporting to Lord’s Cricket Ground in London, being paid at the London…

Betty Turner served in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force with Bomber Command at 92 Group Headquarters, Winslow, and later at RAF Great Massingham, reaching the rank of leading aircraftswoman. She recounts living in chilly stables, being quite bored…

Vic Farmer volunteered for the Royal Air Force at eighteen and trained as a navigator in South Africa. He describes his experiences of crewing up and serving in 550 squadron, RAF North Killingholme. He saw action on D-Day, and participated in…

Dr Arnold Pearce Derrington grew up in Cornwall and joined the University Air Squadron at Exeter. He joined the Royal Air Force in 1942 and completed training at RAF Ansty, South Africa, RAF West Freugh and RAF Moreton in the Marsh, where he trained…

Barbara Bulleyment worked at a department store in Boston until she joined the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force and was initially stationed at 16 Maintenance Unit Stafford and then 209 Maintenance Unit at Broughton. She recounts her life as an equipment…

Rob Carter was born in the village of Scampton and reminisces about his life on the land before the war. He recounts the foundation of RAF Dunholme Lodge, which his house overlooked. During the war, he served in the Auxiliary Fire Service. He was…

Dirk Bosch was eight years old when the German army occupied his home town of Amsterdam. In this interview he describes what life was like for him during this time. He refers to seeing Dutch Jews rounded up and deported. He describes the hunger of…

Horace James Flowers was born and grew up in Huthwaite, Nottinghamshire. He became an apprentice butcher before being released to volunteer for the Royal Air Force in 1944. He trained as an air gunner at RAF Bridgnorth, RAF Wigsley and RAF Syerston…

Jim Auton grew up on Royal Air Force stations and joined the Royal Air Force at seventeen. He trained as a pilot navigator and bomber at RAF Ansty near Coventry, then in South Africa under the Empire Air Training Scheme. He trained on B-24s at Lidder…

The memoir details the events after Sergeant George Reid Williamson baled out of his Lancaster over Chateau-Thierry. After hiding in a wood for a few days, he met a local farmer who took him back to the farmhouse for food and a large overcoat. While…

The letter apologises for the delay in sending out the caterpillar club badge to Sergeant George Reid Williamson. The sender encloses the badge with good wishes. Signed on behalf of Leslie Irvin.

George Reid Williamson standing in front of a Wellington. Trees are in the background. On the reverse 'George with his good friend the Lancaster' [sic].

Head and shoulder portrait of a man dressed in a dark shirt and tie, smoking a cigarette. He has short dark hair. On the reverse ‘Another helper Jack Bergie’.


A man and a woman, dressed in smart summer wear, pose in a park. He holds a pipe and she carries a dark coloured bag and a pair of white gloves. On the reverse 'Helpers. Don’t remember name. Might be Daniel' and 'Tollcross Août 1952'.


George Reid Williamson dressed in a pinstriped jacket and dark trousers, leaning against a wood and wire fence, whilst reading a newspaper and smoking a cigarette. A wooded area is in the background. On the reverse ‘In the Bois de Boulogne during…

Oblique aerial photograph of the village of Nieuwerkerk on the island of Schouwen-Duiveland. The church of Johanneskerk and its surrounding road is visible in the centre but the surrounding buildings, streets and farmland are flooded. Over the…

Oblique aerial photograph of glider landing zone LZ-S at Arnhem looking south. Numerous Horsas are scattered over six large fields and some are in a wood. Two in the left foreground have collided. The railway embankment runs left to right just beyond…

Oblique aerial photograph taken during the drop showing a field and wood landscape covered with parachutes, the majority discarded and the rest open as paratroopers land. Identified as west of Wolfheze in the area known as Drop Zone ‘X’. The…

Reconnaissance photograph of gliders which have landed in a field, showing skid marks. The majority of the gliders are Horsa's, with three of the larger Hamilcar gliders visible in the field to the right. This is drop zone Z for Operation Market…

Reconnaissance photograph of a bend in the Waal river at Nijmegen, spanned by two cantilever bridges. The Waalbrug road bridge to the left and the Snelbinder rail bridge to the right. There are docks along river bank and jetties on the opposite side.…

William Barfoot wearing singlet and shorts crosses the finish line. Captioned 'School sports at Lovedale: P.W.Barfoot winning the quarter mile race. He set up a new record for the Lawrence Memorial School', '(1935)'. This item was sent to the IBCC…


Letter from director of accounts at the Air Ministry regarding disbursements to the family of the late Flight Sergeant David Boldy.

Letters from The Amalgamated Press Ltd, London, regarding winning the ‘Adventures’ Competition'. David’s name to appear in the 20th January issue of Crackers, he won a postal order for 2/6d

Letter from the Air Ministry to L Boldy, confirming that there is no connection between the identity of another man named 'Boldey' and D A Boldy listed as missing on 11 July 1942.

Letter from Sergeant David Boldy to his father, mentioning training and shooting.
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