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After a challenging time being sent from country to country, Zosia Kowalska finally came to England and became a WAAF. After training, she was posted to RAF Locking where she met her future husband whilst she was working as a cook. The wedding was…

Eight photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a zebra.
Photo 3 is a lion in a cage.
Photo 4 is two birds.
Photo 5 is a caged animal.
Photo 6 is birds by a lake.
Photo 7 is an airman leaning on a fence, captioned 'A. Davey'.
Photo 8 is an airman…


A silk evasion map showing France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, North-Western Italy, Southern Holland, Western Germany and North-Eastern Spain. The scale is 1:2,000,000 and it is identified as the Second Edition. There is also an inset showing…


Original cartoon drawing of woman with swirling dress used as basis of nose art for Denis Clyde-Smith's Lancaster. Annotated 'With love to the crew and ground crew of the Zola bomber from Zola'.

Four photographs captioned 'The Luftschiffbau Zepplin works at Friedrichshafen'. They show the same area over a period of time beginning in February 1943 and shows the works being camouflaged and eventually destroyed by bombing. The second page of…

A frontal silhouette. On the reverse 'Zeke MK. 3 Navy 0 Mk. 3 S.E. Fighter (Mitsubishi).

An underside silhouette of a Zeke 52. On the reverse 'Zeke 52 Navy 0 Model 52 (Mitsubishi)'.

Target photograph showing grid pattern of gardens with light flare bottom left. Captioned 'A4' and '[..23], 104/16, 16/17 Oct 44, F8, NT 7000 ft,→ 354 degrees, 20-48, Zagreb M/[..], [..] 500, 8x250 Mk III 20, F/O Chadwick (F/O Myers B.A.)'.

A booklet issued to RAF volunteers on arrival at a Receiving Centre. It summarises what is about to happen to the volunteer.

Pamphlet with b/w image of a crew round a table in low light. Wings and roundel on back cover.

This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.


Educational and Vocational Training poster. On the reverse is handwritten 'Jose M Hayhurst RAF Duxford'.

Two photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a young woman sitting on a stool., captioned '1938'.
Photo 2 is a young girl standing in a garden.
In both captions there is a deleted word [Self].

Young lady sitting on pillar in formal garden. Captioned 'The Croft 1939'.

Cyril is sitting on a table. He is holding a model aeroplane. On the reverse 'A/C model Cyril made from balsa wood age 16½ (1937) after a very serious illness 3 months in hospital!'

A booklet produced for Air Gunners. The cover features a Halifax and an air gunner brevet.This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.

A booklet about becoming an air bomber. The cover features a four engined bomber and an air bomber brevet.

This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.

Pamphlet cover. Text title and b/w photograph of an airman wearing flying helmet and jacket sitting at engineer station in aircraft with flight engineer brevet overlaid. On the back cover RAF badge and roundel.

This item is available only at the…

Reports Flying Officer Kenneth Gill DFC was presumed killed after being posted missing on 21 March 1945 on his 45th operation. Gives some local history concerning Ken Gill, mentions Tirpitz operation. Also reports other RAF Yorkshiremen killed, Sgt…

Two postcards of York Minster. The first is the interior and the second is the exterior.

Photo 1 and 2 are St Peter's School.
Photo 3 is Bootham Bar.
Photo 4 is Goodram Gate.
Photo 5 is the Shambles.
Photo 6 and 7 are the Merchant Venturer's Hall.
Photo 8 is York Minster.
Photo 9 is the inside of Clifford's Tower.
Photo 10 is the…

The tail of a York, '4999'. In the background is a white hut. On the reverse 'Smuts' York Dorricott'. The aircraft was RAF but was transferred to the South African Air Force.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the…


The port nose of a York. The pilot's window is open. On the reverse 'Smuts' York' Dorricott'.


A view of mud brick huts, people and goats.
On the reverse 'Taken at "El-Kudad" The main part of the village'.

Two airmen working on the nose of a Halifax. Nose art is visible, including a cartoon rabbit and 'Yehudi'.

It is captioned '"Yehudi" Halifax V DK-226 coded ZL-Y 427 Squadron 6 Group RCAF Leeming Yorkshire 1943'.

This item was sent to the IBCC…

The story of a Lancaster, NG358, LS-H. There are details of 12 operations during 1944/5. Dennis details the operations and his crew.
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