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Announces that she will be coming tomorrow.

Writes about first parcel she has sent and asks him to let her know what he needs. Mentions she has not gotten his personal kit back yet and that she will send books and smokes when she has his prisoner of war number.

Writes of her attempts to recover money that he left in his locker. Says no letter from him for three weeks. Hopes to get his prisoner of war number so she can send him books.

On the front a woodland scene with track and small bridge. On the reverse a short note written during shopping expedition with his wife and daughter,

Writes that she has many things to do before her journey and is sorry that his Boxing Day activities were so beery. Mentions that Mrs Stenzel left that morning. Comments on weather and baby.

Writes that it will be short letter as she is in the post office. Mentions weather has broken and the baby is doing well. Thanks him for ringing previous night and talks of plans and activities over the next few days.


Thanks him for letter and mentions she has sent him a parcel and that a cousin has been reported missing. Says that acquaintance who has been interned has now been classified as friendly alien, she will be released and that she will stay with Ursula…

Writes of contacting his mother to help alleviate his cigarette shortage. Catches up with news of baby, friends and family.

Thanks him for letter and suggests he does not send butter and eggs. Mentions wife of relative and items she might send him. Concludes with news of baby's weight.

Acknowledges arrival of washing parcel and thanks him for sweets. Thanks for letter and comments on weather. Says she Is sending him his lighter and catches up with news of activities.

Writes about her recent purchases and wishes him luck at Halton.

Comments that his suggestion to go back to London before travelling to Scotland to join him is not a good idea. Talks of travel arrangements and other arrangements she has made including those for her dog.

Reports arrival of his letters and postcards and that she has at last received his prisoner of war number. Writes of results of her efforts to recruit friends and acquaintances at home and abroad to send him food parcels. Mentions arrival of heavily…

Whites that she has had no mail from him that week and that some plans for week fell through. Describes other activities of shopping, gardening and mentions receiving information about visit to his camp by by Swedish representatives. Writes of…

Writes of her recent activities with daughter Frances and friends. Mentions that she has heard that food parcels from the United States have been stopped. Writes of contacting Red Cross education books section and news of friends. Continues with…

Asks whether he would like her to send razor and to mention that he would like his post office savings book to be returned to her as she need his written authority for this. Asks whether he would be prepared to make a rug if she sends him materials.…

She writes whilst she is on fire watching duty. She says that their daughter Frances went to tea on her own and that she has finished her diptheria immunisation. She writes that she and some friends went to tea and that she has been practising…

Writes of daily activities involving lodger going off to meet husband leaving baby with Ursula as well as talk of other visitors including her sister. Continues with description of other activities and catches up with family gossip. Concludes with…

Catches up with received and sent mail and complains about censor restrictions on what she is allowed to write. Continues with description of her and daughters recent activities. Mentions she bought herself a skirt and her plans to send him a chess…

Writes about sending him socks and other items as well as about the activities of daughter Frances. Mentions she has been appointed fire-fighting group leader and been asked to do some secretarial work. Continues writing of fruit bottling, jam making…

Writes about domestic activities and visit from the vicar. Mentions that monthly copy of prisoner of war official Red Cross Journal had arrived and wonders about accuracy of some statements about food. Continues with more domestic chat and about…

Writes telling him that she had bought their daughter some bedroom slippers. She goes on to say that two books would be sent on to him. After giving him some general news regarding people they both know she ends by saying that she has written to…

Notes that mail is getting slower as war draws top climax but hopes photographs she sent will arrive. Describes lodgers baby and recent activities including intention to take up learning Russian again. Continues with description of daily routine and…

She writes about the piano tuner turning up at the same time as the window cleaner. There have been 6 houses burgled recently in the area and she has recently seen Gone with the Wind, which she hopes they can see upon his return.

Reports receiving postcard he sent in January an glad he got new boots from Red Cross and discusses whether she should send more parcels or not. Laments over time missed while he has been a prisoner despite fact he is learning violin and Dutch.…
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