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Begins with apologising over thing she said when there were no letters from him and understanding that he is now overwhelmed with socks. Continues with more discussion of socks. Mentions she is pleased he has been to the MO and offers suggestions to…

Writes thanking him for his letter and detailing those she has sent to him with discussion of post schedules from Aberystwyth. Mentions sending him a parcel and then continues with baby news. Looking forward to time when they can have normal family…

Still waiting for a letter from him. Tells of her days activities but not much to report since last letter yesterday. Mentions her purchases and writes baby news. Writes feeling more hopeful about war news as headline rush of disaster has slowed up.…

Continues to discuss where she will go and mentions alternatives, joining him and problems of him moving on during his training. Writes of baby matters. Mentions getting a letter from her sister sent before recent 'Blitz' and is not sure if she is…

Writes that she is urgently waiting his reply to her telegram but nothing yet. Hopes that she will be able to join him and asks him to get travel voucher for her and her dog. Describes parcel received from mother with his birthday present and some…

Comments that his suggestion to go back to London before travelling to Scotland to join him is not a good idea. Talks of travel arrangements and other arrangements she has made including those for her dog.

Writes about packing up her things and having to leave her dog. Mentions financial issue and catches up with family matters. Continues with news of travel arrangements.

Writes that it will be short letter as she is in the post office. Mentions weather has broken and the baby is doing well. Thanks him for ringing previous night and talks of plans and activities over the next few days.


Writes she is sad he has left but looking forward to his next leave. Mentions gardeners and other activities as well as catching up with news and gossip. Writes of Ba's prospective Woman's Auxiliary Air Force photographers job and other family news.…

Writes of days activities including issues with ration cards. Mentions organising savings group and other activities and catches up with baby news. Mentions blackout. Writes that she has had a reply to advertisement and home help has appeared. Talks…

Writes of relation who has gone missing at sea. Mentions she is doing to help interned woman acquaintance who will be coming to stay with her and catches up with family news. Says she will be lady of leisure with gardener, home help and internee…


Thanks him for letter and mentions she has sent him a parcel and that a cousin has been reported missing. Says that acquaintance who has been interned has now been classified as friendly alien, she will be released and that she will stay with Ursula…

Writes of contacting his mother to help alleviate his cigarette shortage. Catches up with news of baby, friends and family.

Writes about her letter writing schedule, weather, baby matters, news of brother and other family. Complains about radio news of Russia. Continues with domestic issues and news of internee she is helping. Addendum thanks for letter and urges him to…

Thanks him for letter and suggests he does not send butter and eggs. Mentions wife of relative and items she might send him. Concludes with news of baby's weight.

Writes of her activities with national savings and trying to involve neighbours. Continues with account of visitors and asks if he has had exam results yet. Mentions other domestic news. weather and baby matters. Continues with family, financial and…


Comments on how well he did in exams. Mentions financial issue and that she is enclosing shaving soap, toothpaste and cigarettes. Talks about her domestic help and her savings group.


Acknowledges arrival of washing parcel and thanks him for sweets. Thanks for letter and comments on weather. Says she Is sending him his lighter and catches up with news of activities.

Writes of successful shopping expedition and getting oranges, tomatoes, chocolate and cigarettes. Continues with news of savings group and what she is reading. Mentions other domestic matters and housekeeping expenses. Catches up with family and baby…

Writes that she is sending parcel with socks and cigarettes. Mentions she has received belongings of released internee who will arrive soon. Continues with news of sister, other friends visiting and her plans for other activities. Writes about her…

Thanks him for letter and news of his activities. Writes of her activities and that he will probably receive a cake shortly. Mentions books they are reading, other news and baby matters. Reports immanent arrival of ex-internee and other domestic…

Reports arrival of parcel with socks, chocolate, sweets and honey. Mentions filling out form for billeting office providing particulars of people living in house and hopes they will not have anyone billeted with her. Continues with news of her…

Writes of receiving his letter describing his lone walk amid moors and glens. Reports on what she is reading and her gardening activities. Mentions Attlee's speech and Churchill going to see Roosevelt. Concludes with domestic issues.

Writes that she is feeling depressed and longing for his company and goes on with mention of her evening activities as well as problems with the telephone. Acknowledges his letter and discusses content about probability of invasion. Writes of indoor…

Writes saying she has had two letters and she feels guilty that he sounds miserable. Was interested in hearing of his first efforts at bomb aiming and other news. Catches up with news, gossip and her activities.
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