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A card issued to J Fullum.

A card from the Caterpillar Club to Dick Curnock annotated 'Have ordered pin for J Fullum. Thought you might find these of interest! Eileen [undecipherable]'

Dick Curnock's Caterpillar Club membership card.

The letter accompanied the gold pin Dick has purchased from the Caterpillar Club.

A Certificate of Membership of the Caterpillar Club awarded to David Geach complete with a welcoming note.

A note welcoming Edgar Meredith to the Caterpillar Club. There is also a photograph of a group of trainee airmen arranged in eight rows.

First letter is a reply to Derrick Allen acknowledging his request to join the Caterpillar Club, welcoming him to the club and asking for further confirmatory information. It also states his club pin will be sent as soon as it is available. Theā€¦
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