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Discusses Rosemary's tiredness and school activities. Catches up on family news and hopes she had received jam and sweets. Talks about thaw of snow and hope she has been warm at school. States they have been warm at home due to stockpiling coal, gas…

Regrets she will not be able to travel home for half term due to weather and that the roads are too bad for them to visit her. Hope that school has enough fuel to keep heating going. Remarks that weather crisis will spur the country to get things in…

Writes he is surprised that most girls are going home for half term despite snow and that he has informed the school that she will now also be going home. Encloses money for travel expenses and assures that they did want her home but thought rail…

Note to go with identity card. Mentions he was at Air Ministry until late and had to drive home. Hope she will not get German Measles. Talks of visits and meetings and flying in the turbine driven Lincoln.

Mentions thaw has set in but blizzard reported raging in Yorkshire. Wonders what conditions were like in Derbyshire. Catches up with family and enquires after school activities. Parcel with apples and oranges on the way and congratulates on…

Recounts recent correspondence and food parcels. Talks of school activities and effects of bad snow conditions. Catches up with family news and events. Plain postcard with address to St Elphin's School on front.

Thanks for letters and glad settled at school. Talks of clothes and food sent. Enquires about life at school and mentions hard work required for exams. Talks of weather and family activities and successes with laying chickens.

Writes that new accommodation will be good and provide privacy during her school certificate term. Catches up with news. He will send application form for summer camp to school and enclosed booking fee. Provides data on eggs laid by chickens.…

Addressed to Rosemary Chadwick at V.P.S. Camp at Wells House School, Malvern Wells. Glad to receive arrival telegram and relaying family news. On the front a girl in pink dress in front of tree with spider and poem Little Miss Muffet.

Addresses to the Wells House Malvern Wells thanking her for letter and adding family news. On the front artwork illustrating the poem Ride a cock-horse to Banbury Cross.

Glad that oral exams went alright and offering advice on taking examinations. Asks if extra tuition and talks on other school activities. Catches up on family news and events, jam and sweets being sent tomorrow. Planning to drive over on Sunday and…

Looking forward to seeing her at weekend and requesting train arrival time. Glad school is going well and that measles epidemic is subsiding. Talks of photographs and pullets but no special news.

Asks after Rosemary and hopes she is having happy enjoyable time. Looking forward to having her home again. On the front artwork of a boy giving a diamond ring to a girl and a dog. Title 'Ain't life grand?'.

Writes they are thinking of her and stockings being sent. and hopes lack of have not caused her catching a chill. Discusses family activity and news.

Asking how things are going and wishing her luck. On the front artwork of a girl in white dress looking at letter box with dog at her feet. Title 'No news again? - Still hoping'.

Writes with exam encouragement. On the front artwork of a boy in deckchair with dog underneath. Title 'Take it easy - it's been well earned'.

Transcript of a radio broadcast given by Lancaster bomber designer Roy Chadwick describing his early interest in aviation making aircraft models, joining Avro’s as personal assistant and early work of company. Notes that many early employees now…

Sketch drawing of aerofoil and other items. Captioned 'Avro 722 1893 - Roy Chadwick - 1947'. On the reverse a card stating these drawings and calculations are original wok of Roy Chadwick'. Signed by Margaret Dove (nee Chadwick) and Rosemary Lapham…

Four design sketches of a flying wing aircraft with calculations and other doodles at the top. Captioned 'Avro 698 1893 - Roy Chadwick - 1947'. On the reverse a card stating these drawings and calculations are original wok of Roy Chadwick'. Signed by…

Top and side view design sketch of flying wing aircraft with calculations. Captioned 'Avro 722, 1893 - Roy Chadwick - 1947'. On the reverse a card stating these drawings and calculations are original wok of Roy Chadwick'. Signed by Margaret Dove…

Sketch drawing of aerofoils and side view of aircraft. Surrounded by calculations and alphabetic/numeric tables. Label on frame 'Roy Chadwick CBE, 1893 - 1947'

Page of handwritten mathematical calculations.

Drawing on a copy of the Sunday Times showing the side and top design of aircraft as well as an aerofoil and other objects. Label on frame 'Roy Chadwick CBE, 1893 - 1947'.

Western Union cablegram from Toronto announcing ' Arrived Tuesday am well love, Roy Chadwick'.
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