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Iga writes that her health is improving, she is working in the hospital and wishes John a happy Christmas. John replies that he is glad she is feeling better and wishes her a happy new year.

A postcard sent by John to his parents showing three views of the falls and one view of the fall's bridge. Describing his arrival at the Falls Hotel and wishing his family a merry Christmas.

Postcard from prisoner of war, John, number 250760 to his parents and Joyce, sent from the camp, saying that he is well. It includes a coloured drawing of a snow-covered cottage with a holly border.

Sent by John from prisoner of war camp to his parents and Joyce expressing his hope that he reaches home before the postcard. It includes a coloured drawing of some holly and a prisoner with a red triangle on his back looking through a barbed wire…

A pencil drawing of a Lancaster bomber with the two starboard engines on fire. The aircraft is caught in searchlights and flak is exploding around it. It has a roundel on the fuselage with the identification letters N and I either side.

Two pencil drawings by John. On the left an airman about to leave an open doorway of an aircraft with one of its engines on fire. He is wearing a flying suit and boots with an observer's parachute and chest harness. On the right an airman, wearing a…

A pencil drawing of an airman wearing a knitted polo necked sweater under a uniform jacket with epaulettes and an air gunner's brevet above his left breast pocket.

A pencil drawing of a Lancaster with a view of the tail and mid upper gunner turrets where crew members can be seen in their positions. The aircraft has camouflage colouring across its wings and is flying above the clouds. The drawing is titled The…

A pencil drawing of John in uniforms and side cap. His air gunner's brevet is sewn onto his jacket above his left breast pocket. Annotated 'J.W.G. Saunders 3.3.46'.

Three pencil sketches of a car. At the top with the roof down, in the middle with the roof up and at the bottom with the roof down from a bird's eye view.

A pencil drawing of a sitting male nude.

A pencil drawing annotated 'Vs J Saunders 61/100'.

A pencil drawing of an open violin case on a flat surface with a violin resting across it. Annotated '5s J.W.G.Saunders'.

A pencil drawing of two men. One man, wearing a suit and top hat, is sitting on a wooden chair facing the artist. He is talking to a man standing facing the seated man with one hand in the pocket of his overcoat and his other raised in the air. There…

A pencil drawing of a donkey with blinkers in a harness. In a corner is an anatomical sketch of a donkey. Annotated '13/20 v.g. J Saunders VS'.


A pencil drawing, with some inked outlines of a rowing boat on shore. The boat has two sets of rowlocks, a rudder with a painter attached to the bow. There is a wooden balustrade beyond the boat and mountains in the distance. Annotated 'J Saunders…

A pencil drawing of a reclining woman.

A pencil drawing of the head of a statue. In the bottom right corner is a study of the nose and one eye. Annotated 'J.W.G.Saunders'.

A description of travelling in convoy on the Highland Princess with 1,700 other Royal Air Force and British Army personnel. Including details of the onboard conditions, weather, a stopover, gun duty, attending lectures and wildlife sightings.…

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Chronological list of John's employments including with Shell International Petroleum, British Petroleum and Hawker Siddeley Dynamics between 1945 and 1972.

A summary of John's career including pre-war employment, war time service and post war period, from 1939 to 1973.

A sketch of a car with a short list of words and with German translations. On the reverse are two addresses including that of Iga, a fellow prisoner of war.

A sketch of a man sat on a wooden chair with turned spindles. He is sat at a table with a tablecloth on which is a cup and saver. The man is wearing a long jacket and trousers with turn ups. Annotated '15/20'.
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