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One page of letter. Mentions journey and taking out groundcrew, not much news.

Writes that skipper was progressing and would be out shortly. Mentions new arrival who know mutual acquaintance. Says he can get fowl and duck. Catches up with gossip and news.

Catches up with mail and family news. Mother was in hospital and he would try and get pass to go and visit her. Discusses friends, leave and activities including going into Boston for meal which he did not like, preferred Horncastle. Mentions he had…

Catches up with mail and news. Mentions going to camp cinema and had found a quiet pub previous night.

Mentions location of car keys. Writes that he had one of her collars by mistake. Says he has found himself a crew who had seven more trips to finish tour. Concludes with chat about cat and kitten.

Asks her to congratulate friend over birth of baby. Mentions he is stiff due to PT, basket ball and swimming. Just off to camp cinema.

Writes he had spoken to the wing commander and should be getting leave, asks if she could get time off. Writes of crew going out with friend for good feed in Boston. Mentions issuance.

Mentions seeing medical officer and got shampoo and pills. Hope to get trip over soon but leave situation looked blacker than ever. Mentions her health issue and that he could not sleep.

Writes that leave was set for 13th. Catches up with news of friends and colleagues. Mentions injection and that he does not count trips or worry over 13th or final one. Concludes with chat about wireless and ask if she can get a few days off.

Writes that he was sitting in café in Lincoln and would remain at Wigsley for at least a fortnight. Mentions insurance policy.

Thanks her for letter and shirt. Complaining to skipper about leave roster. Catches up with gossip and asks after her work. Mentions buying wireless licence. Asks her for black ankle socks.

Comments over missing letters to her. Mentions insurance and financial issues. States that they should be getting leave on about 15th of month. Was busy over weekend and could not join her, maybe next time. Writes about nose art. Says he is keeping…

Catches up with gossip and news. Mentions possible plan for weekend, he did not go to recent dance in the mess. Mentions issue with car. Comments on issue with colleagues.

Quick note as he had a lot to do that night. Thanks for letters and and pyjamas. Mentions fixing radio. Had interview and results later. Hopes he will be able to get over to see her. Mentions car insurance and squadron photograph being taken.

Commiserates over lack of available hotel but would not have been able to spend much time with her. State that he had to go for an interview with the AOC. Continues with domestic issues. Provides instruction for her to collect his car if anything…

Thanks for letters and mentions dates which are not possible. Mentions skipper is still ill. Speculates on accommodation. Asks if she would like a duck or fowl when he came home on leave. Catches up with news of friends and talks a little of his…

Gossip, some news of colleagues and activities. Mentions finance and his car.

Writes of trying to arrange accommodation. Mentions skipper had his girl over but only spent and hour with her. Says he was tired and sleeping during day doesn't allow him to catch up. Asks her about her plans and activities.

Sends his love. Thanks for letter. Mentions visit to Boston. Mentions he told her about lucky Jim.

Thanks her for letter and says she did not need to put squadron number in address. Asks about her trip to Birmingham. Continues with domestic matters and answers questions. Mentions he had written to parents.

Thanks her for good wishes. Writes of domestic issues. Mention he was on duty that night and concludes with other news.

Writes that he has been issued with a bicycle and plans to celebrate skipper's birthday. Mentions photographs and that his birthday had come and gone. End with endearment.

Mentions no sign of leave yet. Describes his activities and mentions his car. Asks her to contact a friend of his to explain leave cancelled.

Acknowledges receipt of her latest letter and writes of his activities.

Mentions crew member still grounded and describes activities with car. Mentions journey and puncture and continues with domestic issues.
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