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Discusses photographs she is sending him and catches up with family news.

From wife Joyce discussing family matters. Says she is lonely and asks if she can come up to visit. Catches up with family news.

Thanks him for letters and is sending books and and a shirt. Apologises that she cannot get to London due to work. Catches up with family news and mentions financial and health matters. Enjoyed brother Norman's letter and hopes he is enjoying new…

Sends birthday wishes and discusses present. Catches up with family news and writes of daughter's activities. Reports on telephone calls from David's mother and relates the sequel to the toothpaste story recounted in the letter of 23 January.

Writes about daughter Frances

Discuses financial matters and gives examples to illustrate her spending requirements.

Discusses family photographs. Writes about possible arrangements for daughter.

Writes of articles she is sending him. Thanks him for bicycle lamps. Catches up with family news.

Pleased and proud that he has been awarded Distinguished Service Order. Hopes she will see him soon and writes of possible travel arrangements. Catches up with other family news. Writes news of daughter. Note from daughter Frances on back page.

Writes that she is sending him some pears and engages in some banter.

Hoping he has a happy Christmas. Catches up with family news and daughter's antics in the run up to Christmas. She is keeping all the Christmas letters and presents to show David when he comes on leave. She writes of Christmas tree and a stocking…

Discusses family finances. News of a movements of a mutual friend (Lavender – their daughter's godmother).

Letter to David Donaldson from his wife Joyce telling him of plans for his nephew's christening. Also information about paying bills, and other domestic details including how their daughter lost 4 tubes of toothpaste.
Catches up with family news.…

Commiserates over him feeling miserable. Catches up with family news and activities.

Two versions, offers hearty congratulations on his DSO from Frances and her mother.
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