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Wishes father a happy birthday and acknowledges receipt of large calendar.

Hopes telegram with fathers birthday greeting arrived. Two years ago that he sent first letter and had no idea then what mail facilities would be available. Catches up on mail and cables received. Ask them to thank others who have sent mail. Cannot…

Writes that this is first letter since new limit on mail came in. Proposes he might type letters to get more words on page. Catches up with mail received. Glad his letters were reaching them and complaints had me made about how slow mail home was.…

Reiterates new rule about being restricted to two letters a week. Reports arrival of recent mail. Glad to get news and that they are preparing third Red Cross parcel. His most essential requirement is footwear and soap. Comments on weather and that…

Catches up on latest telegram and letter he had received and discusses his reply cable. Says he is trying out registered air mail to send letter as this may take only three weeks. New limit of two letters a week was due to increased number of…

Writes about letters he sent as experiment by registered airmail and cables he has sent. Mentions old news and recent letter from sister of a friend as well as reminiscing. Talks of his watch and cigarette lighter. Writes of daily routine. Asks if…

Catches up on latest mail received and is glad they are receiving his mail. Pleased that they understood the gap in his letters in June. They mention they have dispatched shoes size 7 which he says should fit. Wishes that they send another pair in…

Catches up with mail and cables sent and received as well as being pleased that his letters had reached them in numbers. Discusses reason for two gaps in his letters in during moves between camps. Mentions forming and exclusive club and a celebration…

Catches up with latest mail and telegrams and is pleased that experiment with registered mail was successful with quick arrival of letter with them, Writes about the weather being cooler. Notes they had informed him of parcels they have sent and are…

Notes arrival of latest letter and arrival of a selection of books with which he is very pleased. Comments on books and says he will send list in next letter which he will dispatch by registered airmail. Writes of acquaintance who is still missing…

Sends delight at their receipt of cable and registered letter. Understands they are keeping well.

Writes that after successful experiment with registered airmail he is sending this the same way. Announces he has received thirteen Penguin books which he much appreciated. Discusses Red Cross parcels from them which while expected had still not…

Reports arrival of latest mail some of which was from other acquaintances asking if hew needed anything. Writes about contents of his last telegram mentioning arrival of books. Expecting their next parcel shortly. Mentions arrival of 120 Canadian Red…

Acknowledge receipt of cable, parcel of books and letter advising dispatch of cigarettes.

Announces all well and safe

Announces home at last, hope to see you soon.

Acknowledges receipt of letter and glad mother is feeling better. Proposes numbering his letters, this is number 1. Writes of news of crew and other gossip. Continues letter at later time and says he is in better spirits than the last time he wrote.…

Writing in pencil as had lost his pen. Acknowledges receipt of letter and arrival of a parcel for which he mentions contents. Catches up with news of family and friends. Mentions upcoming leave and plans. Continues with family gossip. Writes about…


Short note to say he is OK and thanks them for letter and parcels. Has temporary pen and hoping to get a better one. Mentions photographic enlargements. Continues letter when less busy. Catches up with family news and mentions upcoming leave when he…

Letter Number 3. Thanks them for letter and sending laundry. Mentions letter from friend who is in Naples. Says he is very busy and there is little news except that he is OK. Continues with gossip.

Letter Number 4. Short note to let them know that he and the boys are OK. Says he has just got up. Mentions he had not been to town for some days. Writes of his adopted rooster. Hopes they are keeping fit.


Letter number 5. Just off duty and going to bed. Says he got up late but has had no mail from them. Stops as he is very tired.

Letter number 6. Short note to let them know the he and the boys are OK. Mentions he got up until mid day and had been on duty previous night and morning. Writes that he had sent laundry and mentions receiving a letter passing on an address in…


Letter number 7. Writes he has been in bed all day resting after duties of the night. Says he and the boys are all OK. Had not been to town since last Wednesday. Thanks them for their letter but is concerned they would not get this one from him due…

Letter number 8. Short note thanking them for their letter and to let them know that he and the boys are OK. Apologises for short letter but has been on duty all night and needs his bed. Hopes to get away the following week. Continues with chat about…
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