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An extremely detailed account of the No 51 Squadron briefing for the operation to Essen on 28/29 November 1944 by Henry. It includes all the specialist officers as well as the Station Commander's brief. It also includes Henry's crew, Station and…

This account was written by Henry for publication in 'The Digger'. Henry recounts that in 2010 he became aware that the National Lottery were awarding grants to veterans to visit places with special memories for them, he applied and was successful.…

Hand written by Henry, Part 2 picks up his story, post war teaching at a grammar school near Wokingham, married, two children and having just bought their house. He continues to cover his life in great detail through into retirement, the last entry…

The log was compiled by Henry on a flight in Halifax 728 letter B from no 1652 HCU RAF Marston Moor around England and Wales.

Reflections by Henry Wagner of the short time he was trying to evade capture having baled out of his fatally damaged aircraft.

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The reflection was inspired by the account of the murder of an airman on initial capture having baled out over Germany in 1944-45.
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