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After completing his tour Bert Adams was posted to RAF Wigsley as an instructor. Describes training crews for Tiger force. Mentions a little about his work in the air and on the ground.
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Writes that he joined newly formed Air Training Corps at end of 1941 as this would give an accelerated position on the waiting list for aircrew. Describes training and sports. Called up into army 3 July 1942 and describes training in basic infantry…

Page from Herbert Adam's flying logbook for September 1944 on 467 Squadron with his first eight operations.

Briefly describes his crew's first operation to Le Havre after being on the squadron for 3 days. Had few problems apart from losing an engine. Did the next 21 operations with the same aircraft (D-Dog) but they were told that it was written off while…

List of 29 operations as navigator on Lancaster of 467 Squadron between 10 September 1044 and 16 January 1945. Includes comments on each sortie with bomb load, flight times, fighters seen, weather, anti-aircraft fire, aircraft shot down.

Talks about his shock at Terry Cooke being missing on an OTU exercise and discusses what might have happened. He then moves on to discuss his rear gunner (who is married to a woman he knew previously), and a friend Jimmie Bunce, who is now flying…

Describes in broad terms his journey across the United States following his group being reassigned to England whilst on-route to Canada, and that he has received aerograph letters from “Betty”.
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Mentions that he is on leave for a week on a farm Buckinghamshire owned by a Mrs Adams (and remarks on the co-incidence of the surname) with a colleague called Len Young from Coota. Herbert also mentions his other leisure activities, such as playing…


Catches up with recent mail and news of family, home and friends. Says he is getting tired of doing nothing but had met some old friends.
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Discusses the cold weather, and his meeting with ‘Bushy’ Goodfellow whom he had met previously in Australia. He also comments on the regularity with which he is receiving mail, noting that much of it is made up of letters catching him up having…

Mentions letter transit time of 3 to 4 weeks. Comments on wool prices and mentions letter with photograph from Betty. Writes that he played football and had been night flying. Catches up with family/friends news.
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Comments that they had not done much flying and there was little to write about. Writes of letters he has received and mentions some people from whom he has not received any mail. Catches up with news.
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Writes of mail received and sent and comments on news contained therein. Says that when all the food that had been sent arrives the fellows will go to town. Writes of friend who was ill in the United States and again when in England.
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Thanks her for recently arrived food parcel containing cake and describes eating contents. Mentions that other members of his crew also got cakes sent to them. Catches up with news of family and friends.
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Writes that they are night flying and playing poker before going up. Mentions that biscuits arrived in good order and that he had received a Christmas parcel.
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Writes about heat wave in the last few days and it effect on him and others. Says that were off the flying program and went to the cinema and that it was still very hot in the evenings. Luckily there were no flies or mosquitos. Comments on arrival of…

Writes that it was a great day and believes they were on the way to finishing the war. Writes of news from home and that they would be busy in their farm. Concludes with news of recently arrived cake and mentions letters he plans to send.
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Catches up with mail received. Mentions they had finished OTU and expected to go to conversion unit for Halifax and Lancaster in a few weeks. Says they were all pleased with results of their course on Wellington. He had received above average as a…

Comments on rain back at home and mentions just getting back from leave in London. Describes activities while on leave including theatre, visiting boomerang club. historic places and dinner. Also mention visiting Taplow to see friends.
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Writes of recent good weather, lectures and plans to go swimming. mentions that most of the chaps who came over with him have been split up now into different groups. Catches up with news of friends.
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Comments on recently arrived letter from home. Writes of playing crib with his mates and comments on weather at home and in England.
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Writes that they had been flying every day or night. Thanks her for cakes received and mentions other parcels. Mentions landing away and meeting old acquaintances. Comments that he only has a few trips to do before going on to Lancasters.
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Writes that they had finished their flying at his location and had now got a weeks leave where he would be gong to Scotland then London. Catches up with mail and news from home.
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Writes he is now at new station after completing conversion and went on leave in Edinburgh while the rest of his crew went to London. Mentions that his wallet and fountain pen had been stolen while on leave. On the train back someone took his bag…


Writes he started flying at new unit, did dinghy drill in Nottingham. One of crew bought a car for £25, as an operational crew they are allowed to get petrol.
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