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The letter advises that George's personal effects are at the depository and can be forwarded.

The letter expresses sympathy at the loss of his son and advises that monetary matters are dealt with by a different department.

The letter advises that a letter addressed to George's father was found in his belongings. The letter had been opened but contained no testamentary documents.

The letter advises that his logbook cannot be sent to her but if his widow agrees then it can be forwarded.

A letter to David Geach's father advising him that they his son's personal effects. It includes an inventory of the items.

Letter asked that his mother acknowledge receipt of the log book.

From RAF Central Depository advising personal effects consisting of suitcase, bag and trunk dispatched on 17/10/44.

From RAF central depository to Arthur Woolf's father advising that listed personal effects have been dispatched.
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