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One letter includes reference to the different procedure for a serviceman presumed killed in action (after missing in action for more than six months) or a prisoner of war. One letter is in reply to one from Isabel in which she asks about a missing…

Notes that his sons personal effects, listed on attached inventory have reached the central depository and will be held in safe custody. In the case of missing personnel permission to release items would not be for at least 6 months. If prisoner,…

A letter to David Geach's father advising him that they his son's personal effects. It includes an inventory of the items.

Writes that committee of adjustment has been held and enclosing an inventory of effects. Writes that monetary matters are not dealt with by that office but by Air Ministry accounts. They will be sending details of financial matters in due course.

Writes that Hedley's personal effects have been dispatched to them by passenger train. Requests they sent back receipt. Reminds them on rules if they dispose of any uniform which must go to known person entitled to wear it or be dealt with through…

A letter advising the family that their son's personal effects are being sent by registered post. It includes an inventory of the items.

A letter referring to the estate of his son and how it will be dealt with.

The letter accompanies two flying log books.

A letter and inventory of the personal effects of Acting Squadron Leader Wareing.

From RAF Central Depository advising personal effects consisting of suitcase, bag and trunk dispatched on 17/10/44.

The letter includes an inventory of Roy's possessions.

The letter advises Doreen of her husband's personal effects.

The letter regrets that Doreen's husband's missing items have not been located.

The letter refers to the despatch of Roy's personal effects.

Top - Telegram priority envelope.

Bottom - Letter which states that the personal effects of Flight Sergeant P R Jenkinson have been removed from the unit and are now at the central depository. Gives instructions for effects to be returned.

Informs her that her husband's personal effects had arrived with them. Explains that with casualties reported missing, authority to release effects was not normally granted until at least six months from date of casualty. Goes on to explain situation…

Notes her change of address and regrets that they were not in a position to give information on her husbands effects as they had not been received yet.

Glad to note her husband was safe as a prisoner of war. Advises her that effects could not be released without written authority of the prisoner himself. Ask her to forward any letter from him to this respect.

Notes her husbands national saving certificates were held in safe custody at their office and could only be released to her on written instructions of her husband.

From RAF central depository to Arthur Woolf's father advising that listed personal effects have been dispatched.

Notifies him that Flying Officer M A Monks's personal effects had been despatched by rail. Gives information about possible eventual disposal of uniform items. Inventory of items enclosed.

The letter advises that his logbook cannot be sent to her but if his widow agrees then it can be forwarded.

The letter advises that George's personal effects are at the depository and can be forwarded.

The letter expresses sympathy at the loss of his son and advises that monetary matters are dealt with by a different department.

The letter advises that a letter addressed to George's father was found in his belongings. The letter had been opened but contained no testamentary documents.
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