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Black and white copy of 431 Royal Canadian Air Force Squadron with moto 'The Hatiten Ronteriios'

Black and white version of 106 bomber squadron crest with lion holding up a standard and moto pro libertate.

Copy of 617 Squadron crest with The King's and Chester Herald's signatures.

A copy of 429 Squadron's crest with 'Approved George R.I.'.

A copy of the 427 Squadron Crest with 'Approved George R.I.'

192 Squadron crest showing an owl with lightning bolt and motto 'Dare to Discover'. Signed by the King.

Design by the College of Arms for the 33 Service Flying Training School crest with a bison and the motto 'unity is strength'. It is signed by the Chester Herald and Inspector of Royal Airforce Badges. Also signed 'Approved George R.I. '

Design for the 199 Squadron crest showing colours and the moto 'Let tyrants tremble'.
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