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Two members of the women's auxiliary air force taking. One has shiny leading aircraftwoman badge on arm of uniform. Caption 'I wondered how you got it!!!'.

Two airman talking, one sweating, the other smiling. On the reverse 'You'll get used to it!'.

An airman leaning on a counter with a mug of tea talking to a NAAFI serving lady. Above is a sign 'Tea Only'. On the reverse 'Is it Tea!!!'.

Airman facing a senior officer wearing greatcoat and peaked cap. On the reverse 'I understand you have been rude to the Station Warrant Officer?, Not at all sir ..... I merely told him to "wrap up"'. Note 'This drawing must not be reproduced without…

Drawing of a lady wearing hat talking to a sergeant pilot wearing uniform with a shiny pilot's brevet and Distinguished Flying Medal ribbon. On the reverse 'Do you fly, sonny?'.

Drawing of an airman being berated by an angry non-commissioned officer. Captioned 'Yes What ?'. On the reverse 'Yes What!!!?'.

Pilot with well dressed woman walking past two small boys. Captioned 'Crikey!! Is that your sister?'.

Drawing of an airman talking to sergeant. On the reverse 'L.A.C. F J Lay 13559224, camouflage supervisor, Pocklington airfield Yorks'. Caption "What did you say?......Some sergeants"'.
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