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Alan writes that he has finished his exams and is waiting for the results. Something has affected his future training and he expects to return to England soon.

Alan writes thanking his parents for the newspapers and airgraph. He has been studying for his final exams.

Alan writes that he has not received any mail for over a month. Work has been busy. He complains about the food.

Alan writes thanking his parents for their airgraph. He has been very busy with exams. He has been to see a film but was not impressed, then a dance where the girls only spoke French.

Alan writes that he had a free weekend and went into Montreal and went to a film then a dance. On the Sunday they went to Mount Royal and watched the winter sports.

Alan writes thanking his parents for their letter. He has settled down and studying hard.

Alan writes thanking his parents for their letters. He has moved to St Johns, near Montreal.

Alan writes thanking his parents for letters and newspapers. He is about to start his exams and also flying a lot.

Alan writes thanking his parents for letters, parcel and papers. He enjoyed his visit to Chicago and found the locals very friendly.

Alan writes that he has moved to Mountain View, Ontario. He enjoyed the train journey back east.

Alan writes that he had 14 days leave. He writes from Vancouver and has visited Calgary and Banff.

Alan writes that he has moved back to Saskatchewan but dislikes the flat monotonous prairies in comparison to the Rockies.

Alan thanks his parents for their letters. He is finding his course easy and expects to be flying again soon. He has just had a weekend in the Rockies.

Alan writes that he has moved to Edmonton. He finds the scenery repetitive and not varied like England.

Alan writes thanking them for his first airgraph. He has had mid-term exams and remarks that his first flying test was grim.

Alan writes he has been busy flying and is very tired. He has moved on from Tiger Moths and is now flying faster monoplanes.

Alan writes that he has moved to Regina, Saskatchewan. The weather is hot and he should be there for eight weeks.

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Alan writes that he has been in London. He travelled back by train and ferry. Then via Brussels and then train the next day into Germany where a lot of the towns had been bombed.
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Alan writes about his aeronautical adventures. They were sent to deliver equipment in the Ardennes but when they got there the airstrip was deserted. There was no starter for their Mosquito and their battery was flat. They started to charge the…

Alan writes that he should be getting leave from 22nd December for 12 days. He has been flying patrols despite the weather.
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Alan thanks her for two letters. He is missing her. He describes flying through cloud canyons.
He describes trips to Bocholt, Germany and Orleans.

Alan describes his working day. He saw General de Gaulle in Brussels. He toured around Brussels then went to see a film.

Alan writes to his parents thanking them for their letter. The weather has been poor so not much flying. However there are lectures and training courses underway. He had a stay in Orleans which had been heavily bombed. He is uncertain what he will do…

Alan writes he is still but feeling better. He thanks his parents for sending newspapers and a letter.

Alan writes that it is snowing heavily. He has met friends from his time spent training in Canada.
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