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Covers propellers, hydromatics, various valves and handling in flight, air compressors, air charging, air hydraulic strut, faults, dowty struts, pneumatics, exactor, maintenance of hydraulic systems. Covers other aircraft systems and has many hand…

Sortie logs for Stirling I. on a number of trips with no dates.

Covers maintenance and inspections, general orders and modifications, engineering manuals, types of inspection, form 700, change of serviceability and repair log, certificate of damage, types of wheels, form 79 log books, ticketing of aircraft,…

Notes on valve timing, pages of calculations, notes on aircraft fuel, diagrams and various other aircraft systems.

RAF notebook containing calculations, notes on engines, cylinders, pistons, shafts, bearings pumps, magnetos, electrics, timing, carburettor and other aircraft systems.

RAF notebook. Contains notes on axis of aircraft, stability, heat, temperature, petrol, carburettors, fuels, thermal efficiency, electrics, physical laws, atmospheric pressures, ohms law, ignition, electromagnetic induction, power/weight ratio,…

Contains notes and diagrams on fuel tanks, control settings, aircraft engine systems, ignition, cooling systems, layout of Merlin and other flight data.

Petrol system notes and list of manual for various aircraft systems.

AF Notebook. Contains graph, lists of engine types, aircraft details, diagram of aircraft, notes and diagrams of fuel system, handling notes and procedures. Notes on equipment including dinghies and drills, pyrotechnics, emergency packs, automatic…

Notes covering electrics, theory of flight, engineering science, supercharging, power, fuel consumption and engine use in various stages of flight.
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