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Four photographs from an album.
#1 is a wooden cabin surrounded by trees.
#2 is a street scene with shops and pedestrians.
#3 is a signpost stating 'Tourists Detrain here'.
#4 is a suburban road with a car and two pedestrians.

Four women wearing diving masks with buckets are on the surface of the sea. The postcard is captioned in Japanese but handwritten is 'Women Searching for Pearls'. On the reverse is 'Dedicated to the Adjutant with my best regards Your faithful…

Elderly women is posing in a patterned dress, she has glasses on, a necklace and dark coloured shoes. She is surrounded by plants and shrubs.

Two women sitting on a doorstep each with their right hand resting on the side of their head. One in a dark dress and with bare feet and the other in a long kimono type dress (or dressing gown) with long sleeves. On the reverse 'The morning after…

Two women sitting on a doorstep each with their right hand resting on the side of their head. One in a dark dress with bare feet and the other in a long kimono type dress (or dressing gown) with long sleeves. The one on the left studying something in…

Many women at working at benches with vices and files. Submitted with caption 'Manufacture of Hurricane wings. Production on benches of details by female workers'.


A women is lying in bed with the shadow image of a hand on the wall. On reverse 'Rea [?] in bed' and number 8.

A car is parked outside a church and two smartly dressed ladies stand in the foreground. Behind them is a two-storey building with the name 'GEO H ROGERS'. In front of the building there cars and people standing around. Caption on reverse 'Beth at…

A women is sat in chair on a patch of grass, behind her there is a building with women windows and chimney on the roof.

Two women in civilian clothes standing in a garden with Goring Castle, Worthing in the background. Caption 'Worthing Sussex'.

A women in a dress and coat is sat on a stone wall, she has her arms around a light hair child. The child is wearing short and jumper, their hair is cut short. In the background another figure can be seen.

A group of women wearing long coats are stood in front of rockface. There attention is drawn to an animal to the right of the photo. Surrounding them are some shrubs.

Front and back of a Women's Institute badge with the motto 'For Home and Country'.

The woman is sitting on a deckchair with her arm round the girl. A man stands behind the two. The woman and girl are wearing dresses, the man is wearing a polo shirt. They are in a garden surrounded by flowers. In the background is a small…

On the left a woman sitting on a bench offering a bone to a dog sitting on the bench between the woman and a young girl on the right looking on. In the background a fence. Submitted with caption; 'Wyn & Joan Colson (Billy’s Sister) 1951'.


Woman wearing dark overcoat standing in a field with a white bull terrier type dog in front. In the background a hedge. On the reverse 'Nov 1953' and note attached 'Mrs Blackwell + Sue'.


A woman sitting on top step with a girl on the left and boy on the right. In front on a lower step another boy in shirt and long trousers. On the next lower step and boy in short trousers holding a dog on his lap. In the background a door to a house.

A woman with a bicycle, standing by a stone wall.


Full length portrait of a woman sitting in a metal-framed chair, in a garden with her back to wooden building. She is wearing a trouser suit, and has a child's ball in her lap. To her left can be seen part of a pushchair.

A young woman is holding her baby. They are on a beach.

A woman playing badminton. A cardboard arrow has been added to the page of the album.


A woman wearing a fur coat pinning a medal onto a young boy, In the background brick walls and windows to house.

Very shallow water, she is looking down, trees in background.

Full length image of a woman wearing dark dress with white collar standing in front of a wall with building in the background.

Three woman standing in a group by the balustrade of a bridge. On the right other pedestrians. In the background, the houses of parliament with the Elizabeth Tower and Big Ben. Scaffolding surrounds the tower.
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