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A newspaper cutting about a play put on by The Stage Club at the Victoria theatre, Singapore. On the reverse are adverts.

A document issued to airmen to assist in escaping and evasion. It includes phrases numbers and days of the week. There is a warning not to be produced in public.

The wedding party with bride, groom, bridesmaids and guests outside St Andrews Church, Kettering. A note of the reverse names others present.

Samuel Guyan sitting on a trestle table holding a .50 cal Browning machine gun. He has a pipe in his mouth. An armoured car is in the background.
From information kindly provided by the donor. F/S S. Guyan and .5 Browning from Mid-under (position)…

A celebration dinner at the Colne Valley Electrical Company. A group of men in civilian clothes seated at long tables having a formal dinner.

Maurice is in the foreground looking over his left shoulder.

Additional information about this item…

The pen sent by Maurices's friend Doris.

A head and shoulders portrait of Maurice in jacket and tie.

A newspaper cutting describing a party at the United Services Club culminating in the award of a tankard and a cheque to Maurice in honour of his DFC.

A bus, car and waiting passengers at the bus station. On the reverse handwritten 'Valdosta, Bus Station' and printed 'Valdosta Bus Station 1942'.

Two aerial views of the twin lakes at Valdosta, identified on the reverse

Maurice standing with his arm round his father. On the reverse 'Home from America Maurice & Harry'.

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Maurice in uniform, standing with his two sisters. On the reverse 'Maurice Vera Nellie Parkfield Just enlisted'.
Parkfield Lodge is at Headstone Lane and the entrance to the lane that ran down to the house is just opposite the Headstone Lane…

Maurice as a choir boy.

Maurice with his two sisters and two lambs. On the reverse 'Maurice front Nellie left Vera right'.


Maurice with his two sisters and brother. On the reverse 'Nellie Maurice Arthur & Vera Stimpson Pinner Park Farm'.

A man and woman standing by their flower garden. On the reverse is handwritten 'Harry & Nellie Stimpson. Maurice's parents' and printed 'Nellie Louisa Stimpson (nee Eldridge) Harry Stimpson These are Maurice's, parents'.

Two men and a woman standing in front of a large building. The image is slightly out of focus.

Three men and two women sitting on the front of a car. On the reverse 'From the Left Possibly Pete, Dave (Davis) and Terry?'

Maurice and Pete seated in a barbers with two assistants posing for their photographs. On the reverse 'Haircut time for Pete and Maurice in Albany'.

Pedestrians passing the sign for London, Albany. Behind are railway wagons. On the reverse 'London Avenue Albany not sure there are still train sidings there now'.

A view across a street in Albany.

An airman and a policeman standing on a street corner in Albany, as identified on the reverse.

Dorris standing by the steps of a house. On the reverse ' This is Dorris and her surname may well have been Lester. A Dorris sent a telegram to Maurice congratulating him on his being awarded the DFC and she also sent him a Swan fountain pen.' The…

A large bed with, on the reverse 'Mrs Lester's visitor bedroom'.
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