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For Lancaster aircraft Avro type 683 Mk 1 and 3. Purple cover with inside front pages and contents page.

This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.

Letter of condolence to Joan Wareing from the Padre of the RAF station at Little Staughton. Also mentions he has acted as effects officer and her husbands effects have been sent to the central depository.

Informs them he is in a United States Army medical facility and getting better.

Advises them he had arrived back in England at RAF hospital Wroughton.

Writes that he is glad to be back in England and to catch up with news. Asks if they received any of his letters from German prisoner of war hospital. Relates his last days as prisoner and liberation by American forces and journey home. Continues…

Piece of metal with note that this was a piece of Arthur Woolf's Lancaster retrieved from crash site during visit to a French family who helped him after he baled out.

The letter from the Chief Draughtsman at Lancashire Dynamo and Crypto Ltd expresses delight that Ron has returned to the UK, safely.

ISRPT, C.b.b.21 Fondo Risaliti INS. 4, 156-1.jpg
Abele Torracchi claims that on 10 or 12 September 1943 he was in his grocer’s shop in Striglianella, near Montale (Pistoia), when ten or twelve allied prisoners of war arrived. He gave them food, a map, and information about Germans movements. On…

A letter to Homer asking him to return to work

ISRPT, C.b.b.21 Fondo Risaliti INS. 4, 173-1.jpg
Ada Aiazzi claims she helped thirteen English prisoners of war, from 15 September 1943 to 20 December 1943, giving them food, shelter, clothes, medicines, and cigarettes. On 24 December, they moved to Monte Morello (Florence), where a Partisan…

Congratulations of the offer of a permanent commission From Adams.


ISRPT, C.b.b.21 Fondo Risaliti INS. 4, 105-1.jpg
Adelindo Meoni claims he helped, from 10 September 1943 to 20 December 1943, ten allied prisoners of war, giving them food and shelter. On 20 December they moved to Migliana area, near Cantagallo (Prato), where they were recaptured some days later by…

ISRPT, C.b.b.21 Fondo Risaliti INS. 4, 149-1.jpg
Adelmo Ferri claims he helped some Allied servicemen, from 8 September 1943: he hosted one of them for a month, and he helped other servicemen hid in the mountain areas of Vallone, Macchia, and Fonda, near Pistoia, with his fellow villagers. Then…

ISRPT, C.b.b.21 Fondo Risaliti INS. 4, 203-1.jpg
Adolfo Innocenti claims he helped some English prisoners of war who arrived in the woods near his house. He regularly brought them food. One of them, called George, got sick, and he lived in Adolfo’s house for 21 days until his recovery; then, he…

ISRPT, C.b.b.21 Fondo Risaliti INS. 4, 027-1.jpg
Adori Melani claims he helped three English soldiers for six months. At first, they hid in a hut and then they moved to San Baronto, in the province of Pistoia. In both cases Adori brought them food and clothes. For his efforts, he received a…

Letter to Pilot Officer Blandford's father, thanking him for his letter, celebrating the fact that his son had survived and sharing the news that Robert and other crew members had died.

Five letters from Agnes Stott to Mr Blandford, a fellow crew member's father, and one to Mr Blandford from a fellow crew member (Pilot Officer G G Whittle) who did not fly with them on their last operation.

Informs him that , in view of circumstance in which his son was reported missing and believed killed, in the absence of any evidence of survival, his death was now presumed to have occurred on 21 March 1945.

A cardboard box containing an Akai Tape Slicer and instructions for use in English and Japanese.

A letter written from a prisoner of war camp to his family. He has just arrived and states that he is well. His tone is quite up beat.

Alan writes from Stalag Luft 3. He lists food to be sent in Red Cross parcels.

He presents a list of items he would like sent. He spends a lot of time reading, finding it difficult to write. He asks after his other family members.

Alan still has not heard from his parents. He asks after Basil. He lists some items to be sent to him.

Alan still has not heard from his parents. he is worried about his car and his belongings. He asks about family and friends at home.

Alan still has had no news from his parents. He asks for exercise books. He asks after family and friends and looks forward to seeing them soon.
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