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PPexmanKR1804 copy.jpg
Two portrait photographs, one in civilian clothes including a collared shirt and tie and a second in uniform. Kenneth worked as a first aid car driver just after war was declared.

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PPexmanKR1802 copy.jpg
An eight day wooden mantlepiece clock with roman numerals and outstretched wings either side. Mabel, Kenneth's wife, had borrowed £5 from her uncle to buy the clock for Kenneth's 22nd birthday but he was killed in action before she could give it to…

MPexmanKR1202557-180211-02 copy.jpg
Married in the parish church in Old Brumby.

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Kenneth's ex employer expressing regret on hearing of his death.

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A large group of men and women arranged in six or seven tows in front of an ornate brick building, identified as the Franco-British College, managed by La Cite Universitaire de Paris. On the reverse 'Scottish Party [indecipherable] Fondation…

Joyce in WAAF uniform with two colleagues.
The second shows Joyce together with a small child, on the reverse a date '1 Feb 19??'

Joyce with a corsage and John with sergeants stripes and AG brevet, on the reverse caption '3/10/43 Love from John and Joyce to Mum. Arthur & Arthur Ltd, 36 Strand, WC2. 8 Dec 1943'.
The second photograph is of Joyce, John and an elderly woman,…

#1 is Ben Lomond seen from the west bank.
#2 is Dad and Margaret with [indecipherable] March 1947.
#3 is a view looking north up Loch Lomond.
#4 is Dad and Margaret play sword fighting at the side of Loch Lomond.

#1 is Margaret and RKS at Blenheim Palace after the Victory parade, June 1946.
#2 and 3 are Margaret and Tommy Body on top of a snowy Lincoln Cathedral, Xmas 1946.
#4 is Snowy's Mum & Dad.


#1 is two men and two women in a garden, captioned 'Warr Kings Careby June 1947'.
#2 is man in a garden, captioned 'W/Cdr D Warr King'.
#3 is Manor Farm, Collyweston 1946-7'.
#4 is a woman in a dress in a garden, captioned 'May 1947 at Manor…

#1, 3, 4 and 6 are a model Lancaster, in the air and on the ground.
#2, 7 and 8 are a Stirling model
#5 is a Wellington and Spitfire model.
#9 are a model Stirling and Lightning.

#1 is Margaret and Snowy, Harby 1944.
#2 is Snowy and a man in dressing gown and pyjamas, 1944.
#3 is three airmen and two women with a horse and buggy at Eagle, 1943.
#4 is two airmen leaning on an ambulance, captioned 'Snowy & Sgt Thompson,…

#1 is a woman in a dress, captioned 'Auntie Gwlad'.
#2 is a an airman and a woman on a street, captioned 'Margaret & Snowy'.
#3 and 7 are airmen shooting in a frosty landscape, captioned '1945 [indecipherable]' and 'F/O TI Body 1945'.
#4 is a man…

#1 is a seaman standing on the bridge of a ship, captioned 'Captn Donald Crawford 1943'.
#2 is an airman leaning on a fence, captioned 'Sgt Thompson 1943'.

#1 and 4 are landscapes of Loch Long.
#2 is Garscube Estate, Bearsden.
#3 is a flooded road, captioned 'Floods at Collyweston after snow of 1947'.

#1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 are seascapes.
#3 is a seaman, captioned 'Chief W/Op Geoffrey Lewis RFA Conus. Lost 29/3/41 Mediterranean after repeated air attacks.

#1 and 6 are views across the front of a small ship.
#2 is the paddle steamer 'Marchioness of Lorne' at Rothesay Bay, off the pier looking towards Loch Striven.
#3 is a view across the sea to hills.
#4 is a view across the back of a ship,…

A small group of airmen and women captioned 'Snowy at investiture receiving DFM from HRH Duke of Gloucester Canberra 1946'.

#1, 2 and 4 are aircraft seen as silhouettes at sunset.
#3 is a road and lake view.
#5, 6 and 7 are images of clouds at sunset.
#8 is Lincoln cathedral.

#1 is a portrait of a woman sitting on a tree stump, captioned 'Margaret Agnew Benoni'.
#2 is Station Sick Quarters staff at RAF Wigsley. Captioned 'Berry, Duncan, Gibbs, Williams, Corthine, Hobbley, Smith, Crowther, Sinclair, Green, Rattie'. Robert…

#1 is a river scene. On the right is a railway.
#2 is a river scene, captioned 'Wigsley 1944'.
#3 is a half length portrait of an airman, captioned 'F/Lt Arthur Clegg Wigsley 1944'.

#1, 3 and 7 are Lincoln Cathedral. #2 are swans on River Witham, Lincoln. #4 are the staff of RAF Wigsley SSQ, 1943. Captioned' Berry, Duncan,Gibbs, Williams, Corthine, Hobley, Smith, Moor, Sinclair, Green, Crowther'. #5 shows an ambulance, labelled…

#1 is a half length portrait of Wing Commander Edgar Slater at RAF Wigsley.
#2 is a half length portrait of Wing Commander Rollo Kingsford-Smith at RAF Wigsley.
#3 is Rollo - MGT at Birksey, Woodhall Spa.
#4 is Abbey Lodge, Woodhall Spa.

A group of airmen, civilians, wives and girlfriends standing outside North Luffenham Officers' Mess.

Five small scale maps of Southern England, Asia, Africa, North America and the north half of South America.
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