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A large house in a semi-tropical garden. On the reverse 'Maurice spent some time at this house since there are many photo's [sic] of Dorris and Maurice. There is a large photo in his personal album of possibly the owner and his wife and possible the…

A building with 'Albany' in neon lights. On the reverse 'Albany Cinema'.
A second photograph is taken in darker lighting and has 'Albany Cinema by night'.

A boy trying to sell papers to four airmen on a pavement. On the reverse 'We didn't but it after all'.

A head and shoulders portrait of a woman identified on the reverse as Dorris.

The corner of a tall building with a palm tree in front.

One car and a cyclist on an otherwise empty road, flanked by mature trees.

A two storey building with a look out tower, identified on the reverse as the Coast Guard Station at Jacksonville.
A second photo shows the tower and a small boat.

A cart pulled by two horses in front of a detached house. On the reverse 'A common scene at Valdosta'.

A street scene with cars and pedestrians, identified on the reverse as Valdosta.

A municipal building identified as the County Building, Valdosta, Georgia.

Hall & Sons, Pinner Park farm, milk cart pulled by one horse.

Maurice in army uniform, with Nellie Louisa France (nee Stipmpson) They are against the steps of Parkfield Lodge, which was Maurice's home.
Parkfield Lodge is at Headstone Lane and the entrance to the lane that ran down to the house is just opposite…

Atlantic Coast Line switch engine at Valdosta station with a bus in the foreground. On the reverse 'The Chatanooga [Chattanooga] cho cho? Valdosta'.

Identification kindly provide by Curtis Brown and Doug Smith of the Fans of all steam locos…

Two views of Valdosta station and identified on the reverse.

Two large steam locomotives viewed from the side. On the reverse 'The engines that helped us to reach here (Atlanta)'.

A view looking out of the back of the train. Single track and trees. On the reverse 'Between Chatenoga [sic] & Atlanta.

An address book kept by Maurice. It includes a list of when he wrote letters.

A one gulden banknote issued in the Netherlands.

Both sided of a German banknote

Envelope, letter, details on the unveiling of the memorial and ticket for the ceremony at Runnymede.

The letter asks if his mother has entered his news in the Observer.
In a second copy a caption 'This was the last letter Maurice wrote to his mother and was received the day after Maurice's death. RIP'.

The letter accompanies a cheque and offers congratulations and best wishes.

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Membership card for Caterpillar club made out to Sergeant H E Wakefield

Gold caterpillar pin in box with 'Presented by Irving air chute of Gt Britain Ltd'.

Explains how work of association is carried out and describes facilities for families and disabled, clothing, employment bureau, housing, representatives, Scottish branches and subscriptions.
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