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The first is an airman standing at the back of a truck. He has a camera round his neck. In the truck is a sergeant.
The second is a line of nine airmen wearing long coats. The central airman is holding a small cup in his left hand. Captioned 'We…

Two airmen, both wearing khaki uniform. The man on the right is RAF wearing side cap with training flash. The man on the left is USAAF. Submitted with caption 'Haps Slakis and Don Cameron in an orange grove'

A handwritten note giving brief details of the operation and a relevant newspaper cutting titled 'Dortmund shattered in 29 minutes'.

A handwritten note giving a brief description of the operation and a relevant newspaper cutting titled '3,200 planes hit Reich'.

A book about Turner Field with photographs and text. It covers all aspects of the airfield and the staff working there.

Top left - men on parade in front of two story barrack blocks. Captioned 'Guard of Honour'.
Top middle - an airman wearing tunic sitting on bed in barracks. Captioned 'Stan'.
Top right - an airman in shirtsleeves sitting on chair by bed in…

Top left - band marching in formation with barrack block behind. Captioned 'Station band, Turner Field'.
Top right - a group of airmen queuing on steps outside a barrack block. Captioned 'Grub-up, Turner Field'.
Bottom left - a group of airmen in…

Title 'Turner Field'.
Left - white single story building amongst trees.
Right - view down a road with car in the centre. Buildings in the distance.

Left - white church amongst trees.
Right - two story white barrack blocks amongst trees in the distance.

Left - large group of men marching down a street between white barrack blocks. Captioned 'Returning from Retreat 9 February 1942'.
Right - three airmen wearing battledress and side caps standing in front of a white barrack block. Captioned 'John,…

Left - a two story white barrack block on the far side of a road. Other buildings to the right in trees. Captioned 'Our Barrack Hut'.
Right - a group of men marching with instruments down a street with single story barrack huts behind. To the left…

Four photographs from left to right.

1. Tom Sayer in khaki uniform with sleeves rolled up standing on grass in front of a building with window and screen door. Captioned 'Me'.
2. Group of four men and two women sitting on grass in civilian…

A pathway runs from bottom left to middle. Several buildings including a watch tower. Telegraph wires cross left to right. On the reverse '509ths HDQs Tinian Aug 1945'. but not in Group Captain Leonard Cheshire's writing. Circa 1980s reprint of a…

View from the front of an airborne Republic P-47 Thunderbolt.


View from below of an airborne Republic P-47 Thunderbolt.


Side view of a Republic P-47 Thunderbolt.


Three Stearman trainers lined up at Darr, as annotated on the reverse.

Three men standing. Man on right white shirt and beret, centre man in white shirt, man on right wearing battledress. Submitted with caption 'Photograph of l to r Pilot (American) William ADAMS Henri Dupre farmer FEng Trevor TANNER taken while…

Three USAF crew members in shorts sitting on a rock, probably at Tinian. The man on the right is smoking a cigarette. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

Top left - oblique aerial photograph of a town with river running middle right to top right. On the left part of an aircraft wing. Captioned 'Muskogee' on the reverse 'Muskogee'.
Top right - oblique aerial photograph of open countryside with…

Eight page, Italy edition of the newspaper containing articles from various operational theatres and from home.
Page 1 headline is: 'Bombs Rain On Japan From 1,600 U.S. Planes'
Page 2 first article is titled: 'Nuremberg Likely For Trial Of…

The Honor system used and what is does not tolerate.

Item 1 is orders for personnel at Mitchel Field. Photograph 1 is a line up of airmen in front of two Lancasters. Photograph 2 is an officer addressing the assembled airmen, in front of a guard of United States Army Air Forces airmen. It is captioned…

Article in the Aeroplane magazine March 30 1945 issue. Describes actions of Acting Squadron Leader Robert Antony Maurice Palmer D.F.C and Bar, 109 Squadron during an operation to Cologne marshalling yards. Also give other details of his service…
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