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Following the destruction of a church in Trieste, the leaflet contrasts the horrors of unrestricted bombing warfare with the hypocrisy of Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt. They describe themselves as devoutly religious despite ordering the…

Adriano Landini (b. 1930) recalls his childhood living in the poor Santa Croce neighbourhood in Reggio Emilia. Describes the profound sense of solidarity in wartime, stressing the community spirit among the so-called "popol giost" (the salt of the…

A postcard with 26 slogans beginning with each letters of the alphabet in turn.

Six page document courtesy of the late Allen White - 44 Squadron Historian. Reproduces narratives from three 44 Squadron crews involved in the operation. Overall the operation lost 37 crews from 120 launched against Wesserling oil refinery near…

Top left an aerial vertical photograph of waterway junction with bridge. Canal or river runs from top left down towards bottom right. Splits into two branches towards the bottom. Right branch has road bridge crossing to the land between the two…

Left a close up photograph of a rear turret with extensive damage. Caption 'Wellington a/c tailgunner [sic] killed over enemy territory Bu[...] at St Nicholas Church RAF Cemetery Feltwell RIP'

Top right front quarter view of a crashed B-24…

The first is an airman standing at the back of a truck. He has a camera round his neck. In the truck is a sergeant.
The second is a line of nine airmen wearing long coats. The central airman is holding a small cup in his left hand. Captioned 'We…

1. A B-24 Liberator 'J' landed gear up in a field.
2. Front right front quarter view of a crashed B-24 lying in open ground. Aircraft is titled slightly down to right and show broken fuselage just behind nose turret. On the reverse 'Liberator in the…

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Postcard with two photographs. The first captioned 'L'ARDENNE' show the front side of a stone memorial with a plaque to heroes of the RAF who fell 2 November 1944. In the background a three bar wooden fence, pasture and wooded hill. The second…

On the left side a Harvard with main wheels on the ground and tail wheel still up landing on a grass surface. In the background a track and low trees. On the reverse 'One of the boys landing on satellite drome at Eglin Field, Florida'.

Four photographs from left to right.

1. Tom Sayer in khaki uniform with sleeves rolled up standing on grass in front of a building with window and screen door. Captioned 'Me'.
2. Group of four men and two women sitting on grass in civilian…

Three newspaper cuttings describing attacks on Essen, Harburg oil refinery, Spitfire and Typhoon attacks on bridges and Aschaffenburg. They are captioned 'Nov 11th 1944'.

Photograph 1 is of Russ Johnstone in airman's uniform standing by a gate outside a church, it is captioned 'Russ Johnstone (Nav)'. Photograph 2 is a head and shoulders photograph of Syd Marshall. Cutting 1 describes a large operation heading to…

Cutting 1 describes a 1300 bomber operation on Munich and Ulm. Flight Lieutenant W Drinkell describes the lack of fighters. Captioned 'Jan 7th 1945'. Cutting 2 describes attacks on Germany and an oil refinery at Brux in Czechoslovakia. Also a…

A leaflet promoting the Bomber Command reunion dinner to be held at Grosvenor House, London on 19th April 1980.

Ceramic tile commemorating Operation Manna. A woman holding a child's hand is waving a handkerchief. the child is waving a Dutch flag. Two aircraft are flying over dropping food. At the bottom the caption reads 'Voedsel-Vrede-Vrijheid 29 April . 1945…

Photograph 1 is of a group of four airmen standing in front of a 6' high post and wire fence in heavy frost. They are wearing battledress and are armed. Reginald George Cavalier is second from the right. Captioned 'Dec 24th 1944 Jock Sadler, Chalky…

German propaganda leaflet aimed at Americans fighting in Europe.


Six airmen standing casually. Five are wearing side caps and one a peaked cap. One is in United States Army Air Force uniform. A path leads off into the distance. They are framed by a tree on the left. The image is damaged with a central section…

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Five airmen standing on a lawn. Behind are trees and bushes. The right-hand side of the photograph has been cutoff. On the reverse
'W/Cdr 'Digger' Larkin
F/Lt Bob Merrick
W/Cdr 'Pricky' Day
Lt/Col Clark USA
W/Cdr 'Dicky' Milne
W/Cdr 'Hatters'…

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Six airmen standing casually. Five are wearing side caps and one a peaked cap. One is in United States Army Air Force uniform. A path leads off into the distance. They are framed by a tree on the left. The image is damaged with a central section…

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Six airmen standing on a lawn in front of bushes and trees. The left hand section has the names of the individuals -
'Left to right: F/Lt Bob Merrick
Lt/Col Clark USA
W/Cdr 'Digger' Larkin
W/Cdr 'Dickey' Milne
W/Cdr 'Prickey' Day

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Six airmen including Peter Hattersley in a three quarter length portrait. They are standing by a fence with the Canadian Horseshoe falls behind them.

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Three men seated on the grass, three on chairs and four standing. Behind is a building and trees. On the reverse 'University of Miami, Fla. 1942'.
On the reverse of the second photograph 'Navigation training at Miami University'.

Gilberto Martina reminisces his childhood in Chiusaforte and in the Canal del Ferro area: disrupted schooling, fear of Germans, subsistence farming, saboteurs, and one of his mates being killed by a bomb found in a pile of litter. Stressed how the…
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