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The front two Halifaxes have their engines running. The most distant one is static.
In front are two bicycles and some equipment.
Additional information supplied with the collection identifies the location as RAF Tholthorpe.

Three Halifaxes at Tholthorpe. The front two have their engines running. A bicycle is in the foreground.
On the reverse 'Dispersal at Tholthorpe 1944'. and 'Photo Reg [indecipherable]'.

Three Halifaxes on the ground taken from under a fourth. It is annotated 'PL40185'.
On the reverse -
Nov 44
MZ454 KW-S in background
LL596 KW-U in foreground
425 Sqn'.

Three Halifaxes on the ground, two with their engines running.


Three ground crew are sitting on the nose of a Halifax. Painted on is 'The A Train' and a cartoon tiger in front of a maple leaf. 13 operations are marked with painted bombs.

Three airmen sitting having tea. Two have pilot's badges. On the reverse '[indecipherable] Going ?!'.

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Three airmen on top of a Lancaster examining the mid-upper gun turret. The turret has been damaged as has the side of the aircraft, DS686 'OW-D'.

Left - three airmen, two wearing battledress and one in shirtsleeves standing outside a hut. Right - view across open ground with water in front an trees in the distance. Captioned 'Sunset on the 500 yd range. Paulson'.

Three airmen with their flying kit standing at the tail of a Lancaster. They are carrying their Mae Wests and parachutes. It is annotated 'PL28586' and 'UK9214'.

Two airmen in flying gear leaving a Lancaster, DS707, 'EQ-?' by the rear hatch.

The three airmen are wearing their flying kit and carrying parachutes. Behind a Lancaster has its engines running . It is annotated 'PL29743'.

Three airmen wearing their flying kit, standing at the tail of a Lancaster.

Three airmen standing under the damaged section of the starboard wing of a Lancaster Mk 2. A pilot is standing with his hands in his pockets.

Three airmen at the nose of a Lancaster 'M' with 'Berlin Special' and maple leaves on the nose. One airman has an air gunner brevet. They are holding hands.

Two airmen sitting on a sofa and a third leaning on the side. They are inside a Nissen hut.

Three airmen standing outside a concrete hut. On the reverse 'Eddie Collyer 425 Sq'.

Three aircrew all wearing battledress lying on grass with hut in the background. On left a flying officer with peaked cap. To the right two sergeants, one on the right wears side cap and has Canada shoulder flash. On the reverse 'Left to right, Croft…

Three airmen wearing Mae wests and parachute harnesses under a Halifax 'K'.
From left to right Jasper Still, Steve Puskas and Jack Findlay.

Three aircrew at the rear turret of a Halifax. They are loading ammunition into the turret.
The photo is annotated 'PL22002'.

Three aircrew wearing battledress and flying boots standing with trees in the background. On the reverse 'Darling son at rest with dear lord. Left to right, Gordon Nordbye (Canada), Les Wright in centre, Harry with arm on Les'.

Left - copy of book page 82 (Headed: the Nurenburg raid) with details of American operations, 617 Squadron operation to Lyons as well as attack on Brunswick and railway junction at Vaires. Noted one Halifax missing from a Canadian Squadron on latter…
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