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Gladys Gildersleve was working for a laboratory when she decided to join the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force. She began her training at RAF Bridgenorth and at RAF Morecambe. Her first posting was to barrage balloons at Swansea Docks. She eventually…

Lillian Margaret Bailey volunteered for the Women's Auxiliary Air Force and after a brief time in RAF Balloon Command was trained as a driver. She served at RAF Elsham Wolds driving aircrews out to their aircraft.

Bessie Birkby grew up in Sheffield and volunteered for the Women’s Auxilliary Air Force in 1942. She first worked in Balloon Command in Scotland and then trained to be a driver in North Wales. She was then posted to 625 Squadron at RAF Binbrook but…

Audrey Baker had been married to Gordon, her Bomber Command pilot husband for two years when he was killed in action. Gordon had been serving with 50 Squadron. She immediately joined the WAAF as a driver and was posted to Balloon Command. She drove…

Joyce Clayton was born in Lincoln and served with the Women's Auxiliary Air Force, where she was first assigned to barrage balloons before becoming an equipment officer at various stations. Whilst based at RAF Sutton-on-Hull she witnessed the bombing…

During the war, Eddie Humes flew as a navigator on Lancasters with 514 Squadron. In May 1939, he chose to join the RAF instead of going to work in the mines. He was initially expected to be posted as a rigger on aircraft but was then sent to a…

A summary of Liz Humphrey's service history from January 1942 to 1946. Her service activity included serving in 970 Balloon Squadron, 30 Operational Training Unit at RAF Hixon, 12 Squadron at Wickenby, 1657 Conversion Unit at RAF Stradishall and 1654…

Harold Mercer served in the RAF initially as a transport driver and then trained to become an air gunner. He worked as a milkman before being called up in April 1942. Was sent to Weston-super-Mare, where he played in the military band. Was then sent…

Iris was born in a village outside Newcastle. At the beginning of 1940 she went to Gosforth to join the Royal Air Force. Iris liked the idea of uniformed service more than the option of becoming a nurse. She was then sent to Swansea for about 18…

Officers and airmen of unnamed unit sitting and standing in five rows all wearing tunic and side or peaked caps. The officer centre front row has half brevet. In the background hangar doors. Captioned between page 9-10 of 1956 Memoir 'Taken…

Album page, seven photographs of groups of WAAFs, two with a barrage balloon in the background.

Acknowledges previous cable. Mentions returning from visit to Manchester on lovely autumn day.

On the front under Season's Greetings coloured artwork showing a group of three women and a man hauling on rope while a woman wearing overalls and hat stands in charge. In the background a barrage balloon just of the ground below which another group…

Margaret was almost 12 years old and living in Romford, Essex at the outbreak of World War Two. She remembers the announcement being made by Neville Chamberlain on the radio on 3 September 1939. Margaret recalls being issued with a gas mask, and how…

A colleague of Joyce Exton Wallace wearing the insignia of an auxiliary aircraftwoman.

Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

A colleague of Joyce Exton Wallace wearing the insignia of a leading aircraftwoman. On the reverse 'L, My dearest Pal, Lots of love from Ray'.

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A colleague of Joyce Exton Wallace wearing miniature Polish wings. It is annotated 'To Cpl Exton From Anne'.

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A colleague of Joyce Exton Wallace wearing the wings of an aircraft woman on her shoulder and a Women’s Auxiliary Air Force cap and badge.

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Group of 11 airmen standing behind two rows of seven kneeling and four member of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force sat on the grass. The women are wearing berets and five of the men wear peaked caps and six side caps. Two of the men have half brevets…

A group of ten members of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force and three airmen in front of a Fordson Sussex balloon winch tender. Five of the women are sat in two rows on the ground and the remaining are standing. The airmen are wearing side caps and one…

A member of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force wearing a beret and in short sleeves bending to tie the ropes of a barrage balloon onto a sack covered anchor. There is bag hanging from the rope and more tied ropes are hanging from the balloon to one…

A group of ten airmen standing behind two rows of seven kneeling and four sitting Women's Auxiliary Air Force members. Five airmen wear peak caps and five side caps; two have half brevets on their uniform, one wears corporal stripes and one officer…
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