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A list of aircraft with a brief description of each one with size, construction, engine, armament and observation details.

An index of a collection of silhouettes of Japanese and Italian aircraft.

Photo 1 is a port side view of a Piaggio P108 in Luftwaffe markings. This was a four engined bomber.
Photo 2 is a port side view of a captured C-47 in German markings.
Photo 3 is a port/front flying view of a SM82. This three engined aircraft was…


A leaflet with silhouettes of aircraft listed for the second grade test of the Royal Observer Corps Club. There are side, plan and head-on views of 62 aircraft. 53 views are included for the second grade test.

A book of lecture notes covering British, German, Italian and American fighter, Coastal, Army co-operation, bombers and dive bombers.
Notes on Hygiene, Water, Accommodation and conservancy in the field, Food, cookhouses and cooking, Law and…
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