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  • Coverage is exactly "Dainippon Teikoku Rikugun Kōkūbutai"

Photograph 1 is of a scrap heap of aircraft and equipment. Captioned 'Scrap heap of Jap' a/c & equipment (Zero fighter) 1946'.
Photograph 2 is of a side view of a Mitsubishi Ki67 type A with 2 C-47s in the background. Captioned 'Mitsubishi Ki 67…

Photograph 1 is an aerial view of a ship captioned 'Japanese flak-ship'.
Photograph 2 is a dockside with a Loire 130 and several Aichi E13A seaplanes and a floating crane. Captioned 'Japanese sea planes'.
Photograph 3 and 4 are deck views of…

Side view of a Japanese C-47 variant. Captioned 'Replica of USA 'Dakota' made by Japs, inc Jap language marked instruments etc.'.


A Japanese prisoner standing outside accommodation.

Side view of a Mitsubishi Ki 67 type A with 2 C-47s in the background.

A Sakae 12 radial engine sitting in a scrap heap. Captioned 'New Zero engine'.

A heap of scrap which includes a Mitsubishi A6M Zero

Photograph 1 is a view of where the lightning struck. Captioned 'Arrow points to strike area of lightning bolt'.
Photograph and 3 are close ups of the area damaged by lighting. Captioned 'Damage to 'runway' by bolt with sound equivalent of H.E.…


A Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka is resting on A-frames, with its canopy open. A building and some trees are visible in the background.
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