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Four photographs, first is a locally employed staff member standing by R.A.S.C. Central Marine Workshop sign, second is of an L.S.T. being loaded/unloaded. Third is of a moored motor launch used by the R.A.S.C. called Oberon, fourth is of a large…

Three photographs, first 22 soldiers posed in five rows in front of R.A.S.C. workshop, second soldier walking across open space between two buildings, single story building in background. Third is of eight soldiers mounted on a static motor cycle.

Four photographs, first two are similar, two soldiers two locals, with sign 'R.A.S.C. Central Marine Workshops, captioned 'The Boys'. third is of a launch captioned F.M.B. Almond', fourth captioned 'The Jetty P Brani'.

Two photographs, first is of large liner at anchored, second is of three soldiers on building veranda.

Four photographs showing shipping in Singapore harbour. First captioned 'Q of Burmuda leaving Singapore', second captioned 'Otranto', third is of an L.S.T. Fourth is captioned 'Georgic leaving Singapore'.

Two photographs, first, soldier seated outside, upper torso, no shirt, arms crossed, pipe in mouth, building in background. Second same soldier seated in cane chair outside, two locals standing.

Five soldiers, posed in two rows, brick wall in background.

Informal group of 13 soldiers, in two rows, variety of dress, wire fence in background. Captioned 'What no girls?'.

Two photographs, heavy rain in both, first open space with narrow road winding through, trees in the distance. Second of building half way up a small rise, rain pouring down the steps.

Two photographs of Singapore harbour taken from a paved surface overlooking the harbour, bushes on the edge of the surface on first photograph, part of a building visible on the second one.

Two photographs, first of five soldiers posed on the harbour quayside, second is of a two story building.

Two photographs, first individual posing with military vehicle in front of a building, second is of two individuals posing with a Jeep and two trailers outside a building, trees in the background.

Three photographs, first two individuals posing with Jeep and two trailers outside a building, trees in the background, second large building in tropical town, third soldier posed on bumper of military vehicle outside a building.

Three photographs, first badly damaged vehicle, second small ship in a harbour, third Jeep towing a loaded trailer parked on a quay, bungalows on stilts in background.

Two photographs, one of racks of stores, second is of seven individuals, six crouching one standing, on the grass in front of single story buildings.

Two photographs, one of three individuals on the veranda of their billet the other of central Singapore.

Five soldiers, one RAF leading aircraftsman and a Military Police corporal, grouped at rear of a lorry.

Welcome to transit camp with instructions for reception, recreational facilities, money equivalents and departures. Second page show map of facility.

Describes procedures including compiling lists, contacting the International Red Cross. Mentions work of Red Cross and St John organisations as well as service department. Continues with role of casualty branches of services and notification of next…

Canon with motto and crown above and words below

White disc with army/navy/air force symbols superimposed. Crown above and Veteran below.

Gold badge with blue background to writing.

Colour artwork poster with queue of women with three in army, RAF and Navy uniform at the front having stepped through a large V. They are followed by a nurse and a mass of other women in various dress. In the background a hill and trees.

Terry and his father standing outside their house. Both are in Home Guard uniform.

Half length portraits of Alan Edgar in RAF uniform and his brother in sergeant's Army uniform. On the front is written 'Best of Luck [indecipherable]' On the reverse 'Flt A.G Edgar Dad & His Brother'. Another comment has been blacked out. A rubber…

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